What better way to get geared up and get outdoors than by swinging by Great Outdoor Store (GOS) in downtown Sioux Falls? 

One friendly face has been there for over a decade— manager Meghan Archer. Whether it’s helping you find the right tent or hanging out at a variety of company events (like Ladies Night and GOS Movie Night), Archer loves what she does and it shows. 605 asked the outdoor expert what she enjoys doing inside and outside of GOS.

Coffea [Roasterie] is conveniently right up the street from us. I love to grab a caffeinated beverage to get me going for the day. A go-to classic for me is a Café Miel. It’s delicious on ice for the summer time. 

I love to walk my pup, Juniper, in and around the McKennan Park area. It’s always bustling, and you’re sure to run into someone you know who’s also enjoying the outdoors. This summer I have spent a good amount of my days off in my yard. It has been fun making some small improvements to our outdoor living space. I’m very into planting and forgetting, so perennials are where it’s at for me. 

I really do love to hike. Utilizing our local areas when I can is definitely high on my list. GOS has a group hike every other Wednesday evening, which is a wonderful way to get to know our local areas with fellow hikers. 

Fernson Downtown has been a popular stop for my weekends lately. It’s the perfect stop for delicious food and a cold beer. Their fried chicken is a game changer. 


I love the Black Hills. I wish I could go more often.

My grandma, Carol, is one of my favorite humans. She’s incredible.

I grew up dancing! I started when I was 3 and continued to be involved at Dance Gallery dance studio through college. It still feels like a home away from home.

I have seen the complete Friends series too many times to count.

I have worked at Great Outdoor Store going on 12 years, and I love it!

My parents are season ticket holders to The Good Night Theatre Collective, and on occasion I get to take their place. I have so much fun getting to experience our local theater. 

My brother, Tyler, is a bartender at The Lie’brary Bar, and it’s always a fun visit. He makes a great drink! 

At least once a summer I try to make it to the Verne Drive-In Theater in Luverne, Minn. Two movies for $5, and you get to watch them outside. I pack lots of snacks and some blankets, and it’s always a good time. Once a month we host a “How to Travel” event at GOS. Someone from the community who has been on a trip recently shares their experience. I love to attend these, and it has been so interesting to hear where people travel to all over the world! 






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