While many recognize Sioux Falls’ Scott Hoy from television commercials, many don’t know the everyday him. Hoy not only has over 30 years of representing personal injury victims in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa with Hoy Trial Lawyers, but he also recently collaborated and launched Swier Law / Hoy Law.

605 chatted with Hoy to see what he’s up to when he’s not busy prepping for trials.

Some mornings after I have worked out, I treat myself to soft shell tacos for breakfast from Taco John’s.

Early in the day when we are both in town, I’ll talk to my father at the office, and sometimes my aunt, Nancy, where I get the perspective of people who always find a reason to smile first. I know I’m blessed with wonderful roots on all sides of my family.

When I can find a break, I like walking through downtown. I’m constantly amazed at the new developments and new restaurants, and I appreciate the artwork – especially the new SculptureWalk.

I pay more attention to courthouse history in state and federal courthouses here and in other states, wherever my work takes me. Since law has been in my family for three generations, it’s also fun to connect the dots, so to speak.


I like my coffee as dark roasted as possible and an hour with a rocking chair almost every day.

You can catch me singing and playing keyboards with the El Riad Shrine rock band, primarily. I play by ear.

Native South Dakota artwork is something I really enjoy.

I love it when young people ask me questions, and when they understand that someday it will be their turn. It’s sooner than they think.

I don’t like my birthday anymore. I don’t want to feel my age.

I’m often driving a lot to various towns like Brookings, Huron, Rapid City, and Sturgis for meetings and hearings. I find the windshield time peaceful, usually with coffee in hand.

You can find me shopping with the early crowd at Sam’s Club every week. Seeing that my wife Char and I have raised six kids between the two of us, we have always been fans of buying in bulk.

My favorite type of cooking is with old fashioned clay pots in a hot oven. Favorites include large beef roasts or multiple chicken breasts or pork loin.

My most satisfying time with my work is discovering the story of my client and finding stories and evidence that people can relate to when they are defining justice.

An evening at Morrie’s Steakhouse is always a good one. Their food is great, and they serve their spirits in real crystal (they know to bring me a Macallan scotch). All their staff is fantastic, but the folks in the bar create a real family atmosphere that we enjoy.


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