For those who love to be horrified and for those who don’t, the Haunted Farm in Worthing is for you.

“There’s a scary ticket and a nonscary ticket,” said owner Paula Bell.

Want to be scared? Enter the Haunted Barn (dubbed The Loft of Lunatics) or the Haunted Woods with over 30 actors ready to frighten you. Want a more peaceful fall evening? Take a walk on the Dark Trail, check out (adorable) baby animals, and go on one of the hayrides.

Bell is the mastermind of the “25 screaming acres of fun and fear” that change every year, and says she can get into the minds of the brave patrons who dare to walk into her unnerving scenarios. 605 caught up with the creative to see what she does on the daily when she’s not shopping for costumes or thinking of the next scare around the corner.

WHAT: Haunted Farm // The Loft of Lunatics, Haunted Woods, Dark Trail, baby animals, hayrides, and more.

WHERE: 47449 276th St. Worthing

WHEN: October 11-13, 18-20, 25-27 // 7 p.m.

A Daily Mantra
You are what you think of every morning. If your first thought is a good one and is also a way of making someone happy, your whole day is going to be great. It’s all what you look for in life. Live like everything you’re doing is for someone else, because when you do, you get that much more out of it.

Midco Aquatic Center
I have an exercise routine that I do in the water. It’s pretty strenuous, but it keeps me younger. I have a bad back, so going there really helps it.

Marlin’s Family Restaurant
When I go there I love to eat ribs or hamburgers. We grew up as farmers, so we love meat.


One scary movie I love right now is Annabelle.

It always surprises me how much people love the hayrides. The actors jump on the last hayride of the night every night of the event.

We recently got our first fainting goat at the farm.

Traveling is something we do often. We love Cancun, and this year we might winter in Thailand.

The farm has 17 alpacas, 4 donkeys, 3 horses, 4 llamas, 60 ducks and geese, 12 rabbits, and 30 cats, to name a few.

The Snack Shack
We can seat about 100 people in our Snack Shack at the Haunted Farm. I designed the building and I love how it turned out. Hot chocolate and haunts just seem to go together.

Szechwan Chinese Restaurant
I love duck with hot garlic sauce. It’s a little out of the ordinary, but it’s what I like there.

We have grapevines on the farm, and it always reminds me that I would love to check out more local wineries. First on my list would be Strawbale Winery because I love all of the unique events they put on.

Looking for Fun
I really enjoy taking my grandkids places, like Skyzone or Air Madness. The fact that the grandkids can do all kinds of flips is really neat. We also go to the (Sioux Empire) Fair every year. I just love hearing them have fun. People need to listen to fun more, and that’s why I love what I do. The saddest part about closing our doors for the season is knowing the laughter will stop.


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