Home to one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world, the town of Sturgis is 3.99 square miles of history, Harleys, and hometown charisma. Whether you’re an avid biker and are eager to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, or you want to immerse yourself in the history of the Fort Mead Museum, Sturgis has become a roadtrip locale for families, lone wolves, and biker crews from around the world.


The winding roads of the Black Hills led us to Sturgis Coffee Company, a local roasterie that has been creating aromatic roasts for 14 years.

“We’ve been doing coffee for over 20 years, but we’ve been roasting in Sturgis for close to 14,” said owner Anna Rowett-Kahler. “I feel like it’s kind of an accomplishment to still be here.” 

The Sturgis-based coffee bar is open year round and offers coffee mugs, tumblers, and merchandise like sweatshirts and hats, in addition to brewing up coffee and espresso drinks.

“We are known for our Hammer, which is two shots of espresso in our house blend, kind of like a redeye,” said Rowett-Kahler.

In efforts to keep on top of the newest roasts, brews, and blends, the coffeehouse has just rebranded their company to something Rowett-Kahler says represents the Sturgis staple they have become. 

“It’s the same quality with a different look — an updated look, a cleaner and classier work in progress,” said Kahler. “Our company is about controlling our quality and always staying on top of that, while keeping things fresh.”

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+ County Fair Foods of Watertown
+ Lynn’s Dakotamart
+ Pump House at Mindblown Studio
+ The Junk Drawer + Naked Olive


Caffienated, warmed up, and ready to explore, we set out to Prairie Emporium. Owned and operated by the self-proclaimed “captain of the ship,” Max Fjelstad, this oddity shop has been welcoming locals since October 2013. 

“This is a place where all of your dreams and wishes come true,” said Fjelstad. “I’ve been collecting since I was a little kid, going from auctions and garage sales to places all over the country.” 

The shop of curiosities is assembled of collectibles, antiques, and historic donations from people in the community; and the history doesn’t stop in South Dakota. Pieces from all over the world have made their way to Fjelstad’s door, just waiting to be found by the right person.

“I had a gentleman come in who had been looking all over the country for a turquoise phoenix bolo tie, one just like his grandpa had,” said Fjelstad. “He had been looking for four years and started crying because I had exactly what he was looking for.”

From a six-foot skeleton made from cow bones to a one-of-a-kind photo of Potato Creek Johnny, this shop is always changing, and prides itself on preserving the history and character of once-loved pieces. 

“There is such a variety of items that it blows me away sometimes,” said Fjelstad. “I love what I do. You never know what, or who, is going to walk through the front door.”

If you have something unique to sell, give Max a call at (605) 415-5335.


We ended our day at Loud American Roadhouse. Known for the big music acts they bring, and the delicious food they serve, we met with the director of digital sales Chris Hornick of The HomeSlice Group to learn more about the restaurant-bar-concert venue combo. 

“We have live music all year round and have since 2001,” said Hornick. “There is also a weekly open mic night every Wednesday.” 

In addition to being a premier midlevel music venue, the Roadhouse also stresses their attention to detail and quality when it comes to their food and drinks.

“Our most popular food is our Steak Tips, which is beef tenderloin gently dusted with our secret blend of house herbs, spices, and flour, then flash-fried to a medium rare,” said Hornick.

If you’re looking for a late-night stop, you can try a fan favorite: the 3-2-1. This is three drinks for the price of two, all in one glass. There is also a full wine and whiskey bar, something that only adds to the full experience of the establishment. 

“We didn’t intend to turn into a tourist attraction, but people love how fun and cool it is,” said Hornick. “Even celebrities stop by, like a member of Guns N’ Roses last week.”

Judd Hoos w/ Denham // December 27 // 9 p.m.


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