If you’re out and about in downtown Sioux Falls, you’re bound to run into Sadie Swier. The Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. marketing and communication coordinator chatted with 605 about her love for questionable smells, some of her frequent stops, and how she’s gotten better at figuring out her surroundings (like one-way roads).

A (Slight) Addiction
I must eat the Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich at Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen at least once every three months. It’s one of my absolute favorite meals in downtown.

A Guilty Pleasure
Secretly, I like the smell of Smithfield Foods sometimes.

Be Forewarned
I cry very easily. Read that again. Very easily. This year I sobbed at the Arc of Dreams opening ceremony and at the first Sioux Falls Pride parade. 

Patio Season
During the summer, you’ll usually find me on the patio with a chair specifically half in the sun and half in the shade facing the Arc of Dreams (speaking of) on Ode to Food & Drinks’ patio with their White Wine Sangria.


I have a major sweet tooth.

I’m not a competitive person until I’m throwing axes at Escape 605.

On the first day of my internship in 2017 at Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. I drove the wrong way down the one way (street). I’m much better at navigating the roads downtown… kind of.

I’m a devoted University of South Dakota fan. Go Yotes!

One of my goals in life is to be a season ticket holder for shows at the Washington Pavilion.

Holiday Feels
I feel like I’m in a winter wonderland when I’m walking downtown and visiting Falls Park during the holidays. The lights are, in one word, magical. 

Cruising Down The Boardwalk
Not only does 8th & Railroad have amazing retailers and restaurants, but they also have a great outdoor playlist. I like to just sit on the boardwalk and listen. 

Boutique Crazy
I have bought a piece of clothing or an item at almost every boutique in downtown. I have one left. Don’t judge.

History Buff
I actually love learning about the history of Sioux Falls. Ever since I was a kid, my grandma and I had an annual trip to the Old Courthouse Museum, the Pettigrew Home, and ended it with a picnic in Falls Park.


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