“I have always been driven by the women in my life, and recognized the ways that they helped me grow personally and professionally,” said entrepreneur Jen Kolb.

“I craved a space that would pay homage to this, and bring inspiration and community to those who may not have that built-in support.”

That’s why she started the ambitious and welcoming business, The Kitchen—a co-working and community space catering to women to help advance each other in business, community, and family. 

After crowdfunding and finding the first group of founding members, The Kitchen has just finalized a lease on its location on South Racket Drive in Sioux Falls. Construction has begun and there are plans to open this month. 

“The space is perfect for business owners, remote workers, corporate employees, stay-at-home moms, non-profit owners, or anyone who hopes to expand their circle,” said Kolb. 

Flex child care will be provided for those who need time for work and networking.

WHAT IS A GOOD BOOK YOU’VE READ LATELY AND WHY DID YOU ENJOY IT? I’m currently reading Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett. It’s a tactical how-to guise of fighting sexist behavior in the workplace. I think it’s important for men and women to read something like this book to understand how we can do better to have equality in our work spaces. 

WHERE IS YOUR HAPPY PLACE? Since I was little I’ve been the happiest when I’m out camping in the Black Hills. That hasn’t changed for me at all, and now I get to experience the joy through my kids, as well. It’s a magical place to me, better than Disney World

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP PLACES TO EAT LOCALLY OR STATEWIDE, AND WHAT DO YOU ORDER? My all time favorite is Pho Quyhn and it’s become a bit of a Sunday tradition for my boyfriend and me. The Rice Vermicilli Bowl with grilled pork is a dish I literally dream about. You can also find us at TapHouse 41 or T.C.’s Referee, as they both have some of the best wings in town. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PODCASTS AND WHY? There are a few local ladies who are putting out great content—Maddie Peschong, Carla White, and Chelsea Giedd all have shows that are fun and tactical. It’s a prerequisite of my podcast listening that I learn something that I can apply to my daily life. I also listen to a show called The Double Shift that covers a variety of topics that affect working mothers, and the ways that our current systems have failed to support them. 

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR SOMEONE WANTING TO START A BUSINESS? I would advise that you get yourself a core group of supporters early on-people you can go to when you’re having a hard time. Starting a business is a really emotional and messy process, and you need to have a team that you absolutely trust to help steer you in the right direction. I love to chat with women who are in this phase of their life, so I also advise that they reach out to me for a coffee date! 

For more information, visit thekitchensf.com.

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