Emily Wilson of Sioux Falls creates raw gourmet meals “to help others incorporate more living foods into their diets to promote healing from within.” Bee Loved Kitchen offers prepped meals that can be delivered right to your door, or you can hire the creative vegan for a personal chef service.

March 19 // 6 p.m.
Plum’s Cooking Company

Includes Not Tuna Sandwich, Asian Spring Rolls, Coconut Mushroom Soup, Samosa Wraps with Sweet Tamarind Sauce, and Passion Fruit Cheesecake.

WHEN DID YOU GET INTO COOKING, AND HOW DID YOU GET INTO SUCH HEALTHY HABITS/COOKING? Eight years ago I knew I needed to change something in order to improve my health and lose weight. I simply started eating more fruits and vegetables and cut out what I knew was not serving my body. Before I knew it, my health was improving and the weight was falling off effortlessly, all while I was eating as much fresh produce as I wanted, and without restricting calories. Realizing I had found something special with raw foods, I made it a priority to share with others and help them find better health through creating healing meals. I studied to become a raw food chef at the Healing Food Academy in Bali so I could offer a delicious way to share my passion and introduce more people to nutrient-rich raw foods.

HOW CAN PEOPLE USE BEE LOVED KITCHEN? At this time I provide meal prep services where I prepare meals which are delivered to my customers each morning. I also offer my services as a personal chef where I prep meals for families in their home, providing them with a full refrigerator of healthy and delicious meals to eat throughout the week. Another focus of my business is education, as I teach others to make raw vegan food through cooking classes and my cookbook. 

WHAT IS THE RAW RESET YOU OFFER? The Raw Reset is five full days of raw gourmet meals made fresh and customized to each person’s needs. It consists of fresh juices, smoothies, salads, and delicious entrees. It is made fresh for each person, and is simple to grab and go. People often feel light, energized, have a better mental clarity, and crave more fruits and vegetables afterwards. 

WHAT SOUTH DAKOTA RESTAURANT/MEAL WOUD YOU RECOMMEND TO SOMEONE IF THEY ASKED? Parker’s Bistro always has a vegan dinner entrée that will leave you wanting more. 

WHAT IS A HOBBY YOU ENJOY? Cycling. I have been an avid cyclist since I became vegan. I have so much energy on this lifestyle and I needed an outlet. Cycling is the perfect way to get my exercise in while doing something I truly enjoy. 

For more information, visit beelovedkitchen.com.

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