For Merideth Pangburn-Walker, opening up a restaurant in Spearfish also meant coming home. 

After 15 years away, Pangburn-Walker has returned to her hometown and started The Farmhouse Bistro & Bar. It opened in June, and she owns the restaurant with her brother, Christopher

“This piece of property became available right on the creek and we just really couldn’t pass it up,” said Pangburn-Walker. 

The Farmhouse is located on the former Meier Ranch property and sits on the original site of the ranch’s farmhouse, which is how it got its name. Pangburn-Walker has worked to preserve the historical feel. 

“The bar top in the bar at The Farmhouse is actually made of reclaimed wood from the Meier Ranch. We also have a really cool, giant cabinet that was used as the pantry in the original farmhouse on the ranch, so it’s kind of neat,” said Pangburn-Walker. “Also, the architectural style of the building was based on the buildings that were here before.” 

Pangburn-Walker describes The Farmhouse’s food as casual, fine dining that features classic American comfort food. With a heavily seafood-based menu, some of their most popular dishes are scallops, ahi tuna, and walleye. 

The restaurant has been well received in Spearfish, which Pangburn-Walker associates with the South Dakotan community. 

Farmhouse Fresh

Vodka, lemon juice, fresh basil leaves, and fresh blueberries.

House made silver jalapeño tequila, cointreau, lime and mango juices, served on the rocks. 

Crisp bed of baby kale, raisins, pickled red onion, shaved parmesan, candied pecans, and house made cranberry vinaigrette. 

Seasoned jumbo prawns pan seared and served over polenta cakes, asparagus and roasted tomatoes, finished with a garlic cream sauce. 

Pulled pork, pork belly, smoked bacon, crispy fried onion, and BBQ queso sauce. 

Broiled walleye-filet, with truffle parmesan fingerling potatoes, and summer vegetables served with a sweet and savory pecan sauce.

“They’re warm, they’re inviting. I love that you walk down the street and people smile at you or you’re driving and people wave even when you don’t know who they are,” said Pangburn- Walker. “I’ve lived in New York City and Denver for a long time and that’s probably what I missed most about South Dakota.” 

“I got my first real job when I was 14 serving tables. I’ve basically been working in bars and restaurants ever since.”

Pangburn-Walker, who has been working in bars and restaurants since she was 14 wants customers to feel at home at the eatery. 

“Customers can expect just a really warm, comfortable, inviting atmosphere with a fun play on some upscale food,” said Pangburn-Walker.

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