When owner Chris Kenzy established Terry Peak Chalets, experience and luxury were at the forefront of his mind. From customized living spaces to the ski-in, ski-out feature, Kenzy left nothing out when creating these immersive cabins that offer more than just a place to lay your head. 

Ski-In, Ski-Out

Missing Link Chalet, located next to Little Hope Chalet, is one of seven properties Kenzy rents out, making it the perfect spot for the 605 team to visit.

Having the ability to experience it in both the shining sun and the wintry snowtorms is a beautiful thing.

“The biggest concept of this whole thing was design spaces for entertaining,” said Kenzy. “The large open area that encompasses the living room, kitchen, and surrounding spaces are designed as a melting pot for people to gather.”

The modern kitchen looks out into the living room and dining room, all with large windows and a view of the Terry Peak slopes. The covered deck (complete with a private hot tub and barbecue) also acts as an entry point to the mountain itself. 

“All of our properties are ski-in, ski-out, which means guests can start skiing from their back yard,” said Kenzy.

Wanting to keep things luxurious but true to the area’s rugged beauty, Kenzy set out to develop a space that felt both upscale and rustic. And while all the chalets have this in common, Kenzy says Missing Link incorporates more than just photos of pine trees and buffalo.

“Hands down my favorite part of this chalet is the table in the dining space,” said Kenzy. “I handcrafted it as a nod to the mining era that took Deadwood by storm.”

The historic salutes don’t stop there. In fact, they continue all the way up the stairs. The wooden posts of the handrails are actual pieces of wood from the Homestake Mine-wood that supported the mine shafts themselves.

“These moments of history we have intertwined through the chalets are the elements that make our spaces unique,” said Kenzy.

Peak Relaxation 

Overlooking the living space is a spacious loft nestled between two bedrooms. Carrying the airy theme of the main level, the loft has big windows, tall ceilings, and unforgettable views. 

“You can look over into Wyoming and Bear Butte State Park, and it feels like you can just see forever from up there,” said Kenzy. 

With the ability to sleep 14 adults, Kenzy knew the bedrooms needed to be spacious and comfortable, which has been a topic of discussion from past renters. 

“I can’t tell you how many times people call us after a stay and tell us how comfortable the mattresses are,” said Kenzy. “Things like that, taking the time to make people feel at home, is what brings them back.”

Lower Level Luxury 

Steering away from the traditional dark and isolated basement that is common of cabins, Kenzy decided to go big with unusually high ceilings in the lower level of Missing Link. 

“You don’t even feel like you are in a basement-you feel like you are in a much larger space,” said Kenzy. “It doesn’t matter what season it is, the entire space is always so bright and inviting.” 

Also in the basement are the other two bedrooms, one toting two very nostalgic sets of bunk beds. 

“When conceptualizing these chalets, we knew we needed a space for the kids,” said Kenzy. “Any kids that stay here always gravitate to the bunk bed room, which is perfect for large families.” 

Large families that Kenzy says are bound to need more than a one-level cabin. In an effort to aid big gatherings like weddings and family reunions, the Terry Peak Chalets are situated as townhomes, making it easier for multiple groups to congregate in one space. 

“The most important thing to us is for our guests to make memories. We wanted to create a space where that could happen through laughing, telling stories, and spending time with the ones you love.” 

For more information, visit terrypeakchalets.com.
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