Cast in low light, ROAM Kitchen + Bar welcomes guests with the sight of a massive, cabin-style fireplace and rotisserie chickens roasting over flames.

“In all of our restaurants, that’s the main thing that you see,” said general manager Francisco Gajardo. “You come into the door, you see the rotisserie.”

But after the Sioux Falls location being open for only 10 months, ROAM was forced to close its doors due to the coronavirus. 

Now, according to Gajardo, the restaurant is doing its best to keep everyone who enters the parking lot and the building safe.

Safety and Sanitation

Finally open to the public after nearly two months of being closed, ROAM welcomes guests for both curbside takeout and dine-in experiences. 

“We revamped our sanitation protocol to make sure that we were constantly sanitizing door knobs, wearing gloves, wearing masks, washing our hands multiple times,” said Gajardo.

There’s a daily alley rally to update staff, he says, and they go out of their way to keep the space clean in order to make sure the guests feel at ease. 

“Social distancing and restaurants do not go together,” said Gajardo. “But we’re taking measures to make sure everyone is safe.”

“We want people to feel connected even though this is a time when it is hard to do that.”

With a spacious patio and a large dining room, Gajardo says there is plenty of space for tables to stay six feet apart.

And if the guests still feel uncomfortable, there are also three private rooms as well. Two of them are completely shut off from the main space.

During normal operation, these rooms typically serve as special reserved party spaces.

“We can really have three events going on at the same time if we plan it that way,” said Gajardo.

Tip: Get half off select beer and bottles of wine when you order curbside takeout.

Curated for Curbside

And sanitation isn’t the only way ROAM has switched up their operations, Gajardo says. They now have a limited menu both for curbside and dine-in orders.

“We wanted to change our menu around to focus on curbside—the Family Style—to be more hospitable for people dining at home,” said Gajardo.

The curbside menu offers meal options for a variety of people, ranging from a single serving to a full family. 

“I want guests to feel safe coming in here and employees to feel safe coming back to work. Anything we can do to make people feel comfortable and safe, we will do it.”

One of their most popular dishes for both dining options is their signature Rotisserie Chicken. The chicken is dry rubbed and slowly roasted over the woodfired rotisserie that is in view of the entrance. With this option, curbside has the choice of either a full or half chicken, while dine-in is only offered as a half. In the restaurant, it comes with a few sides, but curbside orders must get sides separately.

With all of the family style options on the curbside takeout menu, guests can mix and match sides with their entreé orders.

Another of the most recognizable dishes is the Beef Brisket. Marinated and slow smoked, the Beef Brisket is served with a side of barbecue sauce.

“It’s top-notch brisket that is smoked for 14 hours,” ensured Gajardo. “It gets a lot of love from our chef team.”

That same brisket is also used in the Brisket Tacos from the starters menu. According to Gajardo, the tacos are quite popular with their chipotle ranch slaw and iced jalapeños. 

“There’s not a lot in it, but it’s good quality food,” said Gajardo.



Corn Bread Skillet
With ancho-honey butter.

Walleye Fingers
Potato crusted, smoked onion tarter.

Artichoke & Chile Fondue
Artichoke, green chile, spinach, parmesan cheese,
and tortilla chips.

From the Fire

Baby Back Ribs
Dry rubbed and slowly smoked pork ribs brushed with savory barbecue sauce.

Pork Shoulder
Duroc pork slowly roasted and smoked until tender, served with golden barbecue sauce.

Salads & Handhelds

Smoked Grape Salad
Applewood bacon, rotisserie chicken, iceberg, mixed greens, candied almonds, and goat cheese dressing.

Bacon + Cheddar Burger
Sharp cheddar, applewood bacon, ROAM sauce, and a grilled potato bun.

Smoked Beef Dip
Prime rib, swiss, au jus, smoked onion and mushrooms, and toasted ciabatta.


Fettucine & Cream
Parmesan cream sauce, fresh basil, and rotisserie chicken.

Brisket Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Smoked beef brisket, applewood bacon, toasted bread crumbs, and scallions.

Fish & Seafood

Potato Crusted Walleye
Golden fried fillet, smoked onion tartar, wild rice pilaf, and green beans.

Bourbon Glazed Salmon
Pan roasted, bourbon glaze, wild rice pilaf, spinach, and lemon cream.


Triple Chocolate Brownie
With bourbon caramel sauce.

Dine (In) and Drink

With dine-in, there are many options for drinks. From a list of cocktails to their list of over 50 wines to 36 draft beers to their specialty brown liquors.

A few of their cocktails include the Superfruit Mojito, a Basil Cucumber Cooler, a Smoked Red Sangria, and some Old Fashioned options.

Many beverages have unique details, like the Smoked Red Sangria made with house-smoked fruit, and the Old Fashioned options completed with a whiskey ice ball.


Maker’s Cask Proprietary Blend
Recipe of hand selected French & American staves, uniquely charred, aged 6 months, 109.9 proof.

Elijah Craig Single Barrel Private Select
Aged 13 years, KK-7 05F02, blind selected, 94.0 proof.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Private Select
Aged 14 years, W-2 C04B11, blind selected, 120.0 proof.

ROAMing On

“We’ve only been open for a year,” said Gajardo. “And it’s been a great year. We’ve got a great response from the local community.”

And after all of the craziness with the pandemic, he says he is excited to be open to the public and to welcome back about 50 of their employees.

As of May 4, ROAM has been open for curbside takeout, and May 8 the doors opened just in time for Mother’s Day.

“I want customers to know that we’re back,” said Gajardo.

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