“It became clear we needed to close in the spring because of loss of customers and because we could not sustain our staff with to-go orders,” said Parker’s Bistro owner Stacy Newcomb.

After being closed since the beginning of the pandemic, Parker’s in downtown Sioux Falls opened its doors once again on November 24.

“We have decided to open now so we can better serve people through the holidays,” said Newcomb. 

While its doors were closed, Parker’s underwent a few changes.

“[The bistro] was named after my father who passed away, but taught me a lot about food and hospitality. He and my mother were great foodies from their generation, and we were always trying some new recipe or going out to try a new place.” -Stacy

“We have freshened up the restaurant with top to bottom cleaning, painting, and some new furnishings,” said Newcomb.

And with those atmospheric changes, the menu is getting a slimming revamp as well.

“The fish special and the Lavender Martini have been our most popular items through the years, as well as the seasonal changes we make to both our food and drink menus,” she explained.

One of those new additions is the Duck with fennel, oats, cherry, port, carrot and asparagus. The Squash Salad, Buffalo Bolognese, and Root Vegetable dishes are also new to the menu.

And while Parker’s is seeing a few new menu choices, a couple staples are still available.

“We carried over the Chislic and Fries, the Sausage and Mediterranean Platters, the House and Caesar Salad and Vegan Lasagne,” said Newcomb.

What’s on the Menu


Potato Cake
Made with mushroom, kale, fennel, carrot, stout, thyme, and rosemary.

Fresh Oysters
Seasonal oysters served with mignonette, shallots, Fresno peppers, and rice wine vinegar.


Squash Salad
Local squash paired with onion, agrodolce, goat cheese, herbs, hazelnuts, and fig.


Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Served with mushroom, cauliflower, asparagus, russet, duck fat, and cream.

Buffalo Bolognese
Pappardelle pasta served with buffalo bolognese and pancetta.


Root Vegetable
Made with spiced parsnip puree, glazed carrot, brown butter, and parsley.

Served with montebello sauce, panko, and soft egg.

As the restaurateur welcomes guests back Tuesday through Saturday, she says she will ensure her staff is clad in masks and is following CDC guidelines.

“We will serve people in the restaurant who feel comfortable socially distanced with masks. We also have private dining available for groups,” she said.

Additionally, in order to allow guests to socially distance properly, there will be about half as many tables as the bistro had prior to closing. 

Given that some customers may not be comfortable coming to dine in, Parker’s has also introduced a new way to enjoy their food.

“We have developed a plan to work with customers to ‘take-home parties,’” said Newcomb. “With a week’s notice we can custom design a party for people to enjoy at home.”

Along with the bistro, Newcomb says the group reopened the doors of ICON Lounge as Dada Gastropub, an idea that has come into fruition due to the pandemic’s circumstances.

ICON Event Hall

Host an event at ICON Event Hall, a venue fit for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, parties, corporate events, and concerts. The banquet services and menu is managed by Parker’s Bistro. 

Grand Hall // 4,200 sq. ft // seats 280-400+
Board Room // 1,400 sq. ft // seats 12-100

Newcomb explained, “We have primarily held concerts in the space for the last eight years since ICON opened, but with the cancellation of all live music, we needed to close and have reimagined the space in the lounge.”

That opportunity created a chance to get creative.

“Necessity is the mother of invention and has led to collaboration between our two businesses (Parker’s and ICON) on DaDa Gastropub,” said Newcomb.

Make a Reservation

Parker’s Bistro // 4:30-9 p.m Sunday-Thursday & 4:30-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday
Dada Gastropub // Tuesday-Saturday // 4 p.m.-Midnight

Just like much of the world, Parker’s has adapted to the pandemic, but some things never change.

“We will offer the fresh fish special as we always have, high quality ingredients, an award-winning wine list, house-made cocktails, and a seasonal chef-driven menu,” said Newcomb.

And with those staple options cemented in place, Parker’s has been able to maintain its two core passions: for food and for preservation. 

Newcomb emphasized, “We are still Parker’s in every way, but with fewer tables and a slightly smaller but well-rounded menu, until things return to normal.”

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For more information, visit parkersbistro.net.

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