Executive chef Kamisha Jones explained the menu at 22TEN Kitchen Cocktails as “food to match your mood.”

Every season, the chef and her team work to fashion something new and fitting for the shift in weather.

“We went heavy on items, more comfort food in the winter,” said Jones. “We’re going to lighten it up a little bit.”

For the four upcoming spring lunch features, Jones worked to create dishes that matched the vibrant shades of spring growth.

The Green Goddess Salad brings in a rainbow of flavors and colors with romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrot, avocado, boiled egg, croutons and green goddess dressing.

The Bulgogi Pulled Pork Sandwich follows the Goddess’s lead.

Pictured left: The Bulgogi Pulled Pork Sandwich.

“The bulgogi is going to be sweet and savory [with] shredded pork and the sriracha aioli,” said Jones. “The pepper slaw is red and green and yellow and orange.”

Made with carrot, tomato, sprouts, field greens, warm brussels, and artichoke dip, the Cali Wrap is also coming to the spring menu.

Tapping into the ever-popular, health bowl trend, Jones introduces the Fiesta Bowl.

“We’re wanting to do more of these bowl dishes because that seems to be popular right now,” she said. “That helps us to serve as another dietary need while also having something really fun to look at.”

Spring Sips

A string of speciality bar drinks will follow this spring’s new lunch features.

Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

Don Julio Tequila, triple sec, housemade jalapeño simple syrup, pineapple sweet and sour, rimmed with chili lime salt.

Mother Earth

Hendrick’s gin with creme de violette, fresh lime, and housemade simple syrup.

Dark & Stormy

Ginger beer topped with black rum and fresh lime.

Cucumber Mule

Muddled cucumber, Tito’s vodka, ginger beer, topped with fresh lime.

The Fiesta Bowl has an array of green chili chicken, cilantro lime cream, pico de gallo, black beans, and poblano roasted corn.

And while the menu is making room for these new options, some classics will always stand their ground.

One of the most popular appetizers at the kitchen is Moraccan Nachos.

“We try to have some vegetarian options on the menu. I’m a big believer in having something for everybody.” -Kamisha Jones

“It will stay on there forever because it’s a staple of what we do,” explained Jones. “You understand that it’s nachos, but maybe it’s slightly out of your comfort zone.”

She said that people often need something familiar to try something new.

“That’s what I like to do is to take something that you can visually recognize so that it feels like a safe choice but is also exciting in the way it’s presented,” said Jones.

The Salmon Salad is a customer favorite and won’t be leaving the menu any time soon, if at all. It’s made with field greens, grilled salmon, poached pear, curried walnut, feta, tomato, and white balsamic vinaigrette.

More On The Menu


Baked Brie

Puff pastry, blueberry-lemon compote, candied almonds, arugula, and toast points.

Moroccan Nachos

Wonton chips, braised beef, white cheddar mornay, tomato confit, onion fries, jalapeños, and sriracha aioli.

Elk Ravioli

Mushroom, garlic, shallot, tomato, swiss chard, brown butter, sage, white wine, gruyere.


Squash Penne

Butternut squash, mushroom, kale, sage, garlic, shallot, white wine butter sauce, and cheese crisp.

Pierogies + Steak Tips

Shaved beef, mushroom, bell pepper, snap pea, shallot, carrot, scallion, basmati rice, and soy caramel.

Jones and previous Executive Chef Joel Wallace combined their two recipes ideas to make the Salmon Ponzu.

“I think people like some of those ponzu, citrus, green curry rice, and all of those flavors that you can’t necessarily get in the same place,” she said.

The Salmon Ponzu pairs with red onion, mushrooms, snap peas, and scallions.

Another popular dish is the White Buffalo Burger, made with dry-aged ground buffalo, chive-pesto aioli, grilled mushroom, swiss cheese, and arugula.

“People in this area respond to buffalo because it’s something they know,” said Jones.

It all starts with something comfortable and snowballs into items that feel more out of reach.

“To gain the confidence of your customers, we show that we do what we do well and, ‘Here now try this new thing,’” Jones said. “Then they’re excited to come back and see what other new things you’ve brought to the table.”

For more information, visit 22TENKITCHEN.COM.

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