In 1985, Katie Hunhoff’s parents started South Dakota Magazine, and for the last 19 years, Hunhoff has been working for the publication. She is currently an owner and publisher.

For quite some time, they’ve been thinking about starting a coffee shop.

“We loved the idea of having a place for our readers to gather, share story ideas, meet our staff, and also have special events, such as book signings and poetry readings,” said Hunhoff. 

Muddy Mo’s Coffee House opened in Yankton in 2021 with a menu made from many local suppliers. 

Jacob Limmer of Cottonwood Coffee in Brookings supplies coffee beans, Burbach’s Countryside Dairy supplies milk and yogurt, and there’s also Sioux Falls’ Songbird Kombucha available on tap.

Inside Muddy Mo’s walls, there are many decorations tying back to the shop’s love of South Dakota.

“We showcase some of our favorite magazine covers on the walls, as well as historic art from Yankton’s early years, such as a 10-foot painting of the Rosebud, a famous Yankton steamboat,” said Hunhoff.

Hunhoff says she hopes the coffee shop will be both a destination for tourists and a staple for locals.

“What makes me most excited about the coffee house is also the same for the magazine: creating a sense of community and a sense of place,” said Hunhoff. “Through gathering and sharing stories we help define who we are as South Dakotans.”

Hunhoff shares with 605 her favorite things to fill her time with in Yankton.

Muddy Mo Menu

From Muddy Mo’s, our Deluxe Muddy Mo Cone is my favorite menu item. Kids love them, and they are so festive. I would have been crazy over them as a kid. 

Fun in the Sun 

Yankton’s Meridian Bridge is really like our city’s center in the summer. That’s where we have outdoor concerts and meet for walking, roller skating, skateboarding, or biking. There’s a splash pad for kids, several cool sculptures, and of course a breathtaking view of the Missouri [River]. 

Axe Through Stress

The Boat House is my hangout spot when I need a break from work. Throwing axes is very therapeutic for stress management. 

Historic Homebase

This past summer, our most enjoyable hangouts were in Lindsay’s backyard drinking margaritas next to the kiddie pool. Let’s not forget the old-fashioned lawn chairs that fold in thirds. 

5 Random Facts 

+ My son, Steven, 13, and I live above the coffee house in a renovated loft. 

+ We have a coonhound (Walter) as well as two cats (Fidget and Fluffles) and three chickens (Robert, Clucks, and Nugget).  

+ We sell our chickens’ fresh eggs in the coffee shop.   

+ I studied abroad for a year in college in Bologna, Italy. That’s where I first started to learn about coffee culture. 

+ Muddy Mo’s is on the international Meridian Highway, which heads north to Canada and south to the Panama Canal.  

Go with the Flow 

One of my favorite summer pastimes is floating down the river in either a pontoon or an inner tube. The 59 miles of river below Gavins Point Dam is one of the few stretches of river that is still wild and untamed. 

Sliding Along  

The Yankton Curling Club is so much fun. Curling with this cool bunch of people keeps me sane in the winter. The tradition is that after matches the winners buy the losers a beer, and usually the competition continues with a game of crokinole at The Boat House. 

Smash Hits

Downtown Yankton, named the Meridian District, is really thriving and is a great place for a road trip. We have several antique stores, boutiques, spas, and unique home décor stores. There are restaurants right on the river, two breweries, and of course The Ice House, famous for being a drive up beer joint where you can break your glass bottles under their deck. 

Studious Strolls

Strolling through the campus of Mount Marty University and the adjoining Sacred Heart Monastery and cemetery is one of my favorite recommendations to Yankton visitors. You’ll find several surprises and works of art on the riverside campuses. 

Play a game on the original computer that helped create South Dakota Magazine.

Rolling on the River

My favorite happy hour meet-up is the River’s Edge in downtown Yankton. Their outdoor patio faces the river. On Tuesday evenings you can hear the Yankton Area Summer Band play across the street in the park. 

Blown Away

Yankton has a thriving sailing community. Even if you’re not a sailor, just watching the sailboats at Lewis and Clark Lake, especially on a racing day, is an event in itself. 

For more information, visit MUDDYMOCOFFEE.COM.

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