After Malchow’s Home Furnishings, a historic building in Aberdeen, burned down in 2019, the Aberdeen Development Corporation decided to turn it into a community and commercial space called Malchow Plaza

Colorful Creations owner Carly Pochop and owner of the former Dakota Territory Brewing Company, Brodie Mueller, became a power duo, creating various clothing lines under the name Six Zero Five. For a while, they operated without a storefront. 

“One of the founding principles that we are working with is that we were tired of not being proud of being from South Dakota,” explained Mueller. 

When the Aberdeen Development Corporation proposed they start a brick and mortar concept of their brand on the new plaza in 2020, the pair jumped at the opportunity and went above and beyond the original clothing concept with The Market on the Plaza

“They were looking for a retail space, so they approached us to come to the retail space,” said Mueller, adding that they opened their doors at the end of April 2021. “It evolved into clothing, plus coffee, plus food, plus a second story with a bar and extra seating as well.”

“What is so important to us is the connection. It’s providing the community a space to come together.” -Brodie Mueller 

Coffee served at The Market on the Plaza is sourced from Gettysburg, the clothing is designed by South Dakotans, and even the beer upstairs is brought in from Midwest states. 

“It was just a chance to bring in all these different things that make this area and make this state great and showcase it all,” said Mueller. 

Clothing items vary from hats to sweatshirts, tees, and even apparel for children. 

Entrepreneurial Escapades

Pochop’s Colorful Creations on Main Street has been open for six years. It’s a hands-on art studio offering various painting activities, wood art, and more art classes. 
After four years of running Dakota Territory Brewing Company, Mueller closed its doors. Now he’s working to convert an old music store to Engles Events, an event center next to Colorful Creations. 

And food items include light, café-style options like sandwiches, wraps, and paninis. Pochop also said that soup will also be offered soon. In the bar upstairs, there are also locally sourced charcuterie boards and S’mores Boards

“For us midwesterners, we also call them Midwest Grazing Boards for those that aren’t quite sure how to say charcuterie,” said Pochop with a laugh. 

The S’mores Boards come to the table with personal fire pits for roasting right in your seat.

“Knowing that everything is locally sourced and that I’m supporting my neighbors makes me feel even more at home.”  -Carly Pochop

The Market on the Plaza is meant to be a place for everyone and everything. 

“Especially after the year that we’ve had, it’s more important to have those places where we can connect and where we can feel together again. Our tagline is ‘Welcome Home,’” added Mueller. 

It’s all about bringing people together to bond and appreciate the community. 

“Something we talk about a lot is this idea of a third space in communities,” explained Mueller. “You have your first space which is your home, your second space which is your work, but then we need those third spaces for people to congregate.” 

At The Market on the Plaza, they want to be a foundation for local businesses to grow and flourish. 

“Our whole goal is to support everything local and to keep everything as close as possible to support those mom-and-pop shops that can’t have a whole brick and mortar,” said Pochop. “Helping them, we can create this beautiful space together. It’s just a really inviting space that you just want to stay and work in.” 


September 11, 18, 25
Farmers’ Market
Malchow Plaza // 9 A.M.
September 29
Books and Brews
Market Bar // 10 A.M.

Before they had the storefront, the business partners started a podcast called The Rural Revolution to get their ideas out in the air and support the community how they saw best.

“Many individuals are doing great things, so we wanted a chance to tell their stories,” said Mueller.

The Market continues to change as Pochop and Mueller are open to feedback and recommendations.

“Our roles are more of the visionaries, but also making sure we’re listening to the feedback of the community and really fine tuning to give the community what they want and what they need,” said Pochop.

Just outside of the building is the Malchow Plaza, a place where they host events like a Saturday morning farmers’ market and concerts with local artists.

“People get the vibe we’re going for, they get the mission of what we’re trying to do, but the plaza brings it all together,” explained Mueller. 

For more information, visit THEMARKETONTHEPLAZA.COM 


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