For the last 49 years, Component Manufacturing and Reaves Buildings in Sioux Falls have been creating structures and products for their many clients.

These businesses have been in Suzannah Reaves’s family since her grandfather, Lloyd Reaves, created them. 

“Our motto at Reaves is ‘Make it last, Make it Reaves,’ and we take that very seriously,” she said. “We want your building to last for generations to come, and we build them strong enough to do so.”

Her grandfather read an article on the facts behind building failures and went to work creating a patented special wood system to improve on structure. 

“When they come to Reaves Buildings for their building needs they are going to get the best engineered wood building on the market,” said Suzannah. 

For Reaves Buildings, being a part of the community is important. 

“We want people to know that we are a local business, our trusses are made right here in Sioux Falls, we understand the community and its needs, we understand the importance of locally owned business, and we take pride in doing what we love and being a part of this wonderful city,” explained Suzannah. 

Suzannah shares with 605 her favorite parts of the city of Sioux Falls and beyond. 

“They are going to get a fully customizable building to meet their specific needs, and they are going to do exactly what they want.” – Suzannah Reaves

Downtown Dining

Patios in downtown Sioux Falls are a must for me. 

Pedaling Down the Path 

I love to take my ebike out on the trails with my good friends and just enjoy the day. If you don’t have an ebike, you should contact Spoke-N-Sport and let them tell you all about them. Or find a friend who loves to bike and let them teach you. 

Songs of Summer

The Levitt Shell is a favorite of mine. What a blessing that has been to our community. 

Great In Any Season

Ever been hiking at Great Bear [Ski Valley] in the summer? Ever been skiing at Great Bear in the winter? If not, you should! 

5 Random Facts 

+ I have a slight obsession with dogs. I have three labs currently, and they are pretty much my whole life. We do most everything together, and if we can’t, I’m wishing we could. 

+ I dream of one day owning a piece of land, putting up a Reaves Building, rescuing roughly 40-50 dogs, owning some horses, goats, chickens, lamas, a cow or two, wearing denim overalls and a baseball cap all day, and just being really happy in that world.  

+ My family and I live within a two block radius of each other. It’s seriously the best thing. 

+ I love the people I work with. We are like a big family and I deeply respect each of them. I realize so much that none of what we do at Component Manufacturing and Reaves would be possible without them, and I’m just so thanksful to them.  

+ Here is a word of advice: Tell people you love them, and tell them often. Find your people, and surround yourself with the good. Find something you enjoy, and work hard at it. This life is short, and it’s meant to be done with love, with kindness, and a deep appreciation for the good you find. 6 and was owned by a gentleman that had a bar on the river.  

Jingle Barks

Walking the dogs at Falls Park during the holiday season to see all the lights is top on my list of seasonal things to do. 

The Right to Roast 

Getting coffee at The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. on my way to work is such a wonderful way to start the day. 

Find Reaves Buildings 

Facebook: /reavesbuildings 
Instagram: @reaves_buildings

Quality Time

[I enjoy] spending time with my family and friends doing just about anything around town. 

Outdoors Enthusiast

I’m usually outside doing something, whether it be strolling with the dogs, hitting up a lake, or hiking. Even in the winter, I just love to be outside. 

Relax in the Rays

My favorite thing is sitting on the deck at our family cabin in Rochford in the morning light, sipping on my coffee, and watching the sun come up through the valley. Everyone should get to know our Black Hills, they are absolutely incredible. 

For more information, visit REAVESBUILDINGS.COM
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