Having been a tattoo artist for years, Ally Rae Haney felt that something was missing in the community.  

“At the time, there was not a tattoo shop that was owned and operated by women, and I felt called to change that,” said Haney. 

In January 2020, she opened Moon Rae Tattoo in Sioux Falls with two other artists, Erin Bennett and Sierra Nicole Miller


“Our goal is to provide an inclusive, calming atmosphere to ensure women, persons of color, and LGBTQ+ members of our community feel safe and celebrated at our shop,” said Haney. 

At Moon Rae, they work to emphasize the importance of making each tattoo its own, a value of Haney’s. 

“In effort to maintain a highly personalized experience, our work is custom, we operate by appointment only, and we require a consultation prior to booking a tattoo,” she said. 

Haney shares more about her experience with being a tattoo artist and delves into some of her favorite ways to spend her time. 

“The best part of my job is being able to use my skills to provide self confidence, healing, and self expression to my clients and myself.” -Ally Rae Haney

PEOPLE MIGHT KNOW ME FROM… my previous time spent as a barista and manager of Black Sheep Coffee. Unfortunately, Black Sheep no longer exists, and I miss having a place that you could gather and spend time with a culturally diverse group of people and feel safe to be yourself. Having worked in an environment that celebrated a true sense of community, I would love our shop to go beyond tattooing and providing a safe space. Our goal is to be active in our community and start working with local businesses to raise awareness of available resources, and do our part to fuel change in Sioux Falls. 

MY FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND MY LEISURE TIME IS… spending time with my son, my family, tending to my garden, and drinking too much coffee. 

MY STYLE OF TATTOOING… has changed and grown over the past few years, and I have chosen to focus on what I love the most. I primarily work in a black work style that consists of fine lines and stippled dot work. 

“After years of listening to our clients’ past tattoo experiences, it became evident that our community was in need of more options within the tattoo industry.” -Ally Rae Haney 

MY FAVORITE TATTOOS TO CREATE ARE… related to nature, botanical and biological illustration. I love the challenge of bringing nature to life through design on a live canvas. 


Art Styles

While Haney enjoys doing tattoos with fine lines and stippling, the other artists at the tattoo boutique have different design styles. Miller favors heavy lines, blackwork, and mostly natural and floral designs with a sprinkling of occult work. Bennett’s style varies quite a bit with much of her favorite portfolio work being of pop culture, like books, games, and cartoons. 


In order for the client to get the best experience, the mandatory consultation allows the chosen artists to determine whether or not they are best for creating the tattoo at hand.  

MY FAVORITE SOURCES OF INSPIRATION ARE… traveling, following other tattooers around the world, and vintage botanical books.   

ONE THING THAT I LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN SIOUX FALLS IS… being surrounded by so many talented artists. The local art scene has grown considerably over the past few years and is a constant source of inspiration. 


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