605 Running Co. is a hub for Sioux Falls running enthusiasts. One of the most important elements of successfully pounding the pavement is finding the right shoe to suit a runner’s stride.

But just trying pairs on in store doesn’t always yield the best results for long-term wear.
Customers can sign up to have an Enhanced Shoe Fitting for a one-on-one experience with a staff member to analyze which pair is best for their activity level and gait.

“If you’re really trying to find something that’s going to make your experience more comfortable with running or walking or whatever, you can really get that more personal with no interruptions,” said sales associate Maren Ernst.

Through the website, choose an employee and figure out when they have time for a fitting. It can even be after hours if that employee has availability.

“They will bring up one model of shoe from every brand that we carry,” said Ernst. “We’ll watch you walk, do you need a support shoe or a neutral shoe?”

605 Running Co. carries 10 different brands of shoes including Brooks, Under Armour, and Asics.

605 Running Co.’s Shoe Lineup

+Hoka One One
+New Balance
+On Cloud
+Skechers Performance
+Under Armour

“We’re very informed about all these shoes, which helps us figure out what the customer would benefit from the most,” added sales associate Carter Gronsetch.

Once the customer settles on a few pairs, they step onto the treadmill so an associate can use special software to analyse their running or walking gait to see what may need extra support, if anything.

“We’re real people. We’re runners. This is what we love to do and we all have a passion for it. The community here is another thing that makes us unique.” -Carter Gronsetch

Individualized Services

Along with the Enhanced Shoe Fittings, clients can also undergo a Running Form Analysis or a Private Shopping experience to get advice from the 605 Running Co. team members.

“People can pronate or supinate, so their weight can land on the inside of their foot or the outside of their foot,” said Ernst. “Some people are really neutral. You can see that on the software when you slow it down where their foot strikes.”

Different brands and shoe models offer solutions to these problems and can meet the customer’s personal shoe preferences.

“A support shoe has a guide rail on the inside that helps them not roll their foot in,” said Ernst. “Some people prefer a stiff cushion, some people prefer a softer cushion. Some people prefer a lower drop, so less height deviation from the heel to the toe.”

“The common trope with runners is that it’s common to lose toenails when you’re running long distances, which I learned is actually not true. If you’re in the correct shoe, you shouldn’t be losing toenails.” -Maren Ernst

The fittings each take about an hour but can be longer as needed for each client.

“If you want to try on every shoe we have in the stock room, we’ll do that if that’s what it takes to find that perfect shoe,” said Ernst.

With their pair chosen, half of the cost of the fitting goes towards those shoes. And if that pair turns out to not be the right fit, there are options to remedy that. 

“The wrong shoe can still feel comfortable when you’re walking in it or standing in the store,” said Ernst. “You don’t get a truly good feel ‘til you’re putting it to work.”

605 Running Co.’s 30-day return policy allows for a few trial runs of the new soles.

“A customer can wear them for however many miles and if that’s not working for you, bring them back, and we’ll figure something out,” said Gronsetch.

For more information, visit run605.com.


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