Follow a direct path at Southeast Technical College (STC), learning exactly the skills and experiences needed to be successful in your desired career. 

Working in tandem with industry, STC has 65 different paths across many in-demand fields including business, healthcare, information technology, and more.

From associate degrees and career academies to certificates and non-degree courses, there’s a variety of options to explore.

“I chose STC as I had heard many great things about the school in the past. I also knew it was a place I would be able to succeed,” said Macey Ellefson, a 2020 graduate.


With the Build Dakota Scholarship, new students can receive a full ride through one of 24 eligible STC programs, leaving debt-free and with a degree. 

Recipients will have all of their tuition, fees, books, technology, and tools covered. 


For the 2020 graduates, 34 programs at STC had a 100% job placement rate.

Upon graduation, they must agree to work a minimum of three years in the state to support South Dakota communities with their new-found skills.

Other financial aid opportunities include Southeast Tech Scholarships, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships, CTE Academy Scholarships, and third-party scholarships.

Successful Scholars

When graduating from STC, students can expect to have the necessary skills and experiences to enter a career within their major or chosen field. With an overall 98% placement rate amongst 2020 graduates, students are spearheading into the workforce.

When Ellefson was ready to step from high school and into her career, a two-year degree wasn’t originally on the radar for her future.


89% of 2020 graduates work in the state.

She says that one of her teachers frequently raved about the value of two-year schools.

“I always pushed it aside because I was under the impression that if I did not go to a four-year school, I would not get a good job,” said Ellefson.

But a four-year degree wasn’t the only option.

She had always had a steadfast drive for helping people and knew she wanted to be in the medical field in some capacity. Photography is a love of hers as well.

Ellefson says she began studying to be a dental hygienist, but all of that changed when she was pregnant with her son.

“After having many ultrasounds done on him, I fell in love with it. It was a perfect mix between photography and a medical profession,” said Ellefson. “I actually ended up switching my major from dental hygiene to nursing and then to sonography.”

“Southeast tech faculty and programs set you up for nothing but success. You also grow close relationships with your instructors who want you to do your best, and push you to do your best.” -Macey Ellefson

Two years of classes later, she graduated with an associates degree in applied science in cardiac sonography, and she was able to find a job placement the June following her graduation.

Today, Ellefson is a cardiac sonographer at Sanford Heart Hospital, having found the exact job she studied for.


STC offers associate degrees, certificates, and more with over 65 different career paths to choose from across these fields:

+ Agriculture
+ Business
+ Construction
+ Engineering Technology
+ Healthcare
+ Horticulture
+ Human Services
+ Industrial Technology
+ Information Technology
+ Mechatronics
+ Media Communications
+ Technical Studies
+ Teleconstruction
+ Transportation Technology

Molly Kreutzfeldt had a similar experience. 

She started out attending a four-year, liberal arts school before she heard about the STC graphic design program.

“Southeast Technical College was a much different pace than I was used to at the four-year school, but I truly believe it shaped me into the designer I am today,” said Kreutzfeldt. “The agency world is very fast paced.”

For her academic career at STC, instructors emphasized the importance of efficiency in the graphic design world.

“Instructors really stressed that being not only creative, but also efficient would get you far in this field.” -Molly Kreutzfeldt said about pursuing her design degree.

In 2011, she graduated with her associate degree in graphic communications. 

“I don’t know if it’s tacky to say, but I also got my degree at a great cost,” Kreutzfeldt said.

Today, Kreutzfeldt is the senior art director for HenkinSchultz.

“The fast paced learning helped me be more efficient as an agency designer,” she added. “The smaller classes allow for the teachers to not only offer a little more hands-on help, but they quickly turn into a family and show that they really care for their students.”

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