When the 605 team first delved into Misten Langenfeld’s journey running Airbnbs, she had two downtown Sioux Falls homes listed on the website. 

“My husband kind of thought I was crazy right out of the gates because there were under 50 Airbnbs in Sioux Falls when I started,” said Langenfeld. 

Sioux Falls has over 300 listings on Airbnb today, six of which Langenfeld owns. 

“My realtor Emily Eisenhauer, who is a friend of mine, knows my style. I’ve been wanting to get into All Saints from the get go,” said Langenfeld about the neighborhood of one of her houses, The Greenhouse. “Emily knew the character of this house.” 

When her realtor insisted she see the house, she physically was unable to leave her work party for her business, Ripple Marketing. The next morning, there were five offers on the house, but they got it with their last-minute offer. 

Owner of The Uncommons Boutique Airbnbs and Ripple Marketing, Misten Langenfeld. 

“I fell in love with the wood floors, the woodwork, and the high ceilings,” she said. 

Site unseen, Langenfeld purchased the home and added the vintage-inspired remodel to The Uncommons Boutique Airbnbs lineup of houses that are located just minutes from downtown. 

The Greenhouse is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with a large living space, a sizable backyard, and a couple places perfect for Langenfeld’s love of plants. 

“I go into each house and get a feel for them. I theme them all,” said Langenfeld. “This one has a sunroom and an arboretum, so I knew plants were the theme.” 

The Uncommons Boutique Airbnbs 

*All of the houses have one bathroom, a full kitchen, free parking, internet, a washer and dryer, a patio, and a backyard. Each is also within minutes of downtown Sioux Falls. 
The Bluebird 
4 guests, 2 bedrooms 
Bohemian Bungalow 
4 guests, 2 bedrooms 
Easy Breezy 
4 guests, 2 bedrooms 
The Greenhouse 
4 guests, 2 bedrooms 
Mi Casa Su Casa 
4 guests, 2 bedrooms 
The Wildflower 
7 guests, 4 bedrooms 

Leaning into that theme, Langenfeld painted the walls of most of the house and the ceilings in the living and dining rooms a deep green. She paired the green with accents of black, white, pink, and gold. 

“They might not necessarily do this in their own house, but when they’re on vacation, I feel like they might want something different than just the crisp sheets of a hotel room,” said Langenfeld. 

“I like the unexpected. You might not want this in your own house, but if it’s going to be The Greenhouse, it’s got to be all green.” -Misten Langenfeld

Her favorite furniture pieces in the home are the couch and chair in the living room. 

“I found a green couch with leaves on it from Urban Archeology and about died,” said Langenfeld with a laugh. 

Both are made of the same green fabric with spatterings of leaves. When she first began looking for pieces to include in the design, she stumbled across them in downtown Sioux Falls. 

“That is from the 1960s,” explained Langenfeld. “It came out of a woman’s house in Sioux City that had meticulously cared for it. I had to have it. It had the matching chair.” 

Throughout the house are other vintage items like a record player in the dining room, a large sign reading “Spirit of the West” in the kitchen, and even a rack of old postcards in the front sunroom. 

Perfect Paint

Langenfeld swears by Benjamin Moore and C2 paints. The main shade throughout the Greenhouse is a deep green called Salamander, which is part of the Color Preview collection. 

“These two light fixtures came from a train station in Chicago at the turn of the century,” Langenfeld said about the matching pair of fixtures placed in the hallway and the sunroom. “I found them on Facebook Marketplace, and I drove to the middle of nowhere to get them.” 

She chose many items for this home from antique shops and flea markets but mixed within the vintage glamour are new pieces from Anthropologie, IKEA, Target, World Market, and more. 

The kitchen has freshly painted cabinets with gold hardware, deep-toned butcher block counters, and a farmhouse sink. One of the proudest parts of the remodel for Langenfeld was the hand-painted kitchen backsplash tiles depicting leaves and flowers. 

“The tiles are one of my favorite things. I wanted them in my house for so long,” she said. “I still don’t have them in my own house.” 

These Airbnbs are labors of love for Langenfeld, who spends most of her time in the marketing world. 

“People get really pigeon holed into this is what you do,” she said. “People should realize that you can do more than you think.” 

For more information, visit THEUNCOMMONSSF.COM. 
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