Erica Locke has been designing spaces for 11 years, and in January of 2020, she started Articulate LLC, a boutique interior design studio based in downtown Sioux Falls. 

She says she is a registered designer with the National Council of Interior Design Qualification, one of only 30 South Dakotan designers with such recognition. 

Working both commercial and residential projects, clients have implemented Locke’s expertise for a range of projects from 1,000 square feet to 46,000 square feet.

“We collaborate on the possible finishes and solutions that fit the project style, budget, and timeline,” said Locke. “The greatest thing I can do is give clients ownership in the process, and they are even more proud of the end result.” 

As her portfolio shows, Locke works to be accommodating to each client’s preferences. 

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Instagram: @articulatellc

“The inspiration for my work is based on so many factors, such as brand values, existing architecture, location, style preference, and the context,” she said. 

Locke shares more about the blueprint of her life. 

“Every detail is important.” – Erica Locke

I STARTED ARTICULATE BECAUSE…  I believed in myself. Operating my own business was always my dream. My dad started his magazine publishing company at our kitchen table with a polaroid camera and X-ACTO knife. I witnessed how hard my parents worked, the sacrifices, and the ups and downs of business ownership. I knew that was going to be me someday, but I wouldn’t be where I am now without all of my past experiences. 

I WOULDN’T HAVE STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS WITHOUT…   courage or the positive support I received from previous clients, employers, mentors, co-workers, and my closest family and friends. Being a business owner has given me more creative freedom, but also more flexibility with my busy family of five and my own 1970s house renovation project. 

Putting the “Art” in Articulate

Since she was young, Erica Locke has been drawing and painting. She’s excited to be sharing a custom piece of art with clients after they’ve worked with her to “give a little something meaningful back after completion.” 

MY FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND MY LEISURE TIME IS… being with my family and traveling to exotic locales. You’ll also find me attempting to play golf, working out with my friends, trying the latest restaurants, holding babies, attending concerts, or watching college sports. I am always on the go trying to experience everything I can. 

THE BEST PART OF MY JOB IS…  when my clients become friends and family and seeing people using the space they trusted me with and being so happy with the outcome. There really is nothing like it. 

I FEEL MOST INSPIRED WHEN… traveling. I enter this mode when I hop on a plane and don’t have any distractions. I dive into my favorite design magazines. I always bring a sketchbook along and make a new song playlist. I just let my mind wander and dream while I am taking in all of the sights, food, and culture. I take a ton of photos and use those for inspiration later. 

SOME THINGS THAT ARE INFLUENCING ME RIGHT NOW ARE… the designer Gio Ponti, sustainability and the story behind a company or product, new design possibilities with mass timber, and American-made products due to availability and shipping delays. 

“The software that I use gives me the freedom to work from anywhere, in real time, within a shared model. Maybe I’ll be doing finish plans from a space hotel someday. Who knows?” – Erica Locke

WHEN I WALK AROUND DOWNTOWN, ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES TO STOP BY IS… CH Patisserie. I have a sweet tooth, and I enjoy the atmosphere. 

SOMEONE LOCAL WHO I ADMIRE IS… Jeff Hazard. I did a job shadow at Koch Hazard Architects when I was 18, and I knew in my gut I was going to work there someday. Although I was only there for three years, I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the invaluable learning experiences. His work lives on for generations within our region, and I only wish I would have told him the impact he made on my life and career as a designer. 

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