Tucked into the calm streets of Salem is The Homestead Coffee Co., set up in a historic building that has served as many different businesses over the years, including a post office. 

When director of operations Alana Snyder and I swung the door open, a mechanism pulled a string to ring a farmhouse-style bell, and Michelle Barnhouse greeted us from behind the counter. 

“The Homestead is small town goodness where everyone knows your name,” said Barnhouse. “When people walk in, I’ll greet them and get their stuff ready before they even order sometimes.” 

Supporting that statement were two regulars who sat in their normal spot near a window, sipping their coffee and chatting with the staff.

New Menu Item: Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken Panini

Barnhouse, who has only owned the shop for a few months, didn’t think she wanted to stay in the food industry. But one day, it hit her how much she loved working at The Homestead. 

“I love being here,” explained Barnhouse. “I realized I wanted to own this place someday. It was just a few months later that they decided they wanted to sell it.”

She says this job is just what she needs right now. 

“I never wanted to stay in food because I’ve been in it since I was 15. One day a job came up that I could have applied for, but I realized that I love this job.”  -Michelle Barnhouse 

“It is a quiet place to come to that is enjoyable and relaxing with good food and good coffee,” said Barnhouse. 

During breakfast, try anything from Egg Sandwiches, Breakfast Burritos and Bowls, or combos of eggs, toast, pancakes, and sausage.

After Barnhouse took over the shop, she revamped the menu, adding plenty of lunch options including burgers, wraps, salads, sandwiches, quesadillas, and soups.

“My husband is a trucker, so he comes up with different ideas from different states,” said Barnhouse. “So we’ll make those here sometimes just to add variety.” 

Try sandwiches with bread sourced from Breadsmith in Sioux Falls: Fajita Melt, Ham & Swiss, Jalapeño Popper, and more.

“Our most famous sandwich is the Turkey Provolone that has been here since the beginning,” explained Barnhouse. 

Since the shop opened in 2016, that sandwich has been a staple menu item.

“I try to make homemade cooked meals so people can have more than just sandwiches,” she added. 

Some of these meals include her husband’s Chili recipe, Chicken Noodle Soup, or the Patty Melt burger.


Make sure to grab Black Hills Bagels from The Homestead in cheddar, honey wheat, chocolate chip, or plain. 

Finish off your meal with a few scoops of ice cream with these choices for toppings: cookies ‘n’ cream, M&Ms, chocolate, caramel, or Butterfinger

After ordering, there are plenty of options for where to sit and enjoy your meal. A handful of tables in the main entrance are available, or a few steps down the hallway brings you to The Parlor.

The Parlor opens up to showcase original plaster and brick walls that lead up to an intricate tin ceiling. The soft blue walls, an old hutch, and more tables welcome you into a more secluded and quiet space. 

Four chairs frame a cozy fireplace on one side of the parlor as well. It’s a space fit for anyone looking for a small, relaxing coffee shop to complete some work at. 

The outside walls of the building showcase the original brick and rustic plaster, decorated with farmhouse-style signs and paintings. 

Each painting in the building and the t-shirt designs were created by Christina, Barnhouse’s 17-year-old daughter.

For more information, visit THEHOMESTEADCOM.COM.

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