In the early months of 2020, Austin Johnson assembled a swing for his daughter, creating a chain reaction.

One of his friends needed help putting together one for her children, and Johnson ended up putting an ad on Facebook, making himself available to assist anyone who needed his services.

With enough business coming in, that ad led to the start of Assemble It 605 in March of that same year.

“I’ve built everything from swing sets and sheds to full backyard decks, but one of the coolest things I assembled would have to be for Lacey’s Daycare, it was a kids airplane ride,” said Johnson.

After building playground equipment and other things for children, he loves what comes next.

“My favorite part of this job is probably when I’m finished and the kids finally get to play on the playground and to see how happy they are,” said Johnson.

Johnson stopped by to set 605’s Alana and John Snyder up with a backyard playground set of their own.

Now their son can spend the warmer months crossing the bridge, climbing his own rock wall, slipping down a slide, swinging as high as he can, and climbing across the monkey bars (when he’s old enough).

Owen, their son, is just turning 3 this year. Let’s cut him some slack, as he’s not a super human.

While the company’s main projects are typically building structures or furniture such as this playset, sheds, or picnic tables, they are flexible on their services.


*Johnson can also branch off from these services

» Playgrounds
» Sheds
» Workout equipment
» Etc.

» Pre-existing equipment

» Moving anything from Point A to Point B

» Carpet
» Vinyl
» Drywall
» Fixtures
» Etc.

Handyman Services
» A hand for most projects

“We can assemble, create, build, or move just about anything,” said Johnson. “We even do landscaping.”

Johnson offers assembly, disassembly, installation of flooring and other materials, playground refurbishment, and more. He’s even willing to cart around his projects to build them and transport them to the correct location.

“I’ve had to move a swing set from Wisconsin and bring it all the way back to Sioux Falls and assemble it,” he explained.

During the holiday season, Johnson hung up decor lights on houses for clients, so they didn’t have to.

I take everything I do very seriously, and I stand by my work. I will not let you down.” – Austin Johnson

“I want everyone to know that Assemble It 605 is a ‘ jack of all trades’ company. We do everything, so don’t be afraid to ask,” said Johnson.


Johnson and his brother Alex own CleanTec Cleaning & Restoration, a company that works for commercial or residential clients. The pair can do everything from cleaning carpet, furniture, and ducts to remedying water damage and mold.

Though Assemble It 605 is based in Sioux Falls, Johnson says he has built things in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. He’s willing to travel and even haul anything you may need him to.

“If you are questioning whether you’re able to do it or not, I would just call us,” said Johnson, aiming to make big projects much easier for his clients.

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