When we met with owner Ramiro Nino at Bro Brgr Bar last year, the Yankton restaurant was just starting out.

Bro Brgr Bar has made it through to meet another year.

“Our staff has been nothing short of amazing. I am fortunate to call them my family, and we hope to make our second year a better one,” said Nino.

To improve further, they did a deep dive into the menu.

“We’ve continuously strived to perfect our menu to cater the likes of our guests and to keep it original and unique,” he explained. “We’ve experimented and tried many different combinations, and though it is never ending, we’ve put the final touches on our new and improved menu.”

Check in on what Nino does when he’s not welcoming guests to the new staple bar in downtown Yankton.

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I don’t always eat healthy but when I do, the shakes at River City Nutrition are definitely my go-to.


I love our Cali Street Dawg. Coming from Los Angeles, I felt it was my obligation to include a staple from a city known for its street food.


I’ve been fortunate enough to coach soccer at our Lewis and Clark Soccer Park, which continues to grow in numbers. A new complex is currently in the process of being built, which is so exciting for our community.

“Our community has been extremely supportive. I’ve met so many great people on this journey and am sincerely grateful and humbled by the enthusiasm and encouragement of each of them.” -Ramiro Nino 


Fantle Memorial Park is somewhere I spend as much time as I can as it offers disc golf, basketball courts, sand volleyball, and our new family aquatics center.


One of my favorite local hangout spots is definitely Ben’s Brewing Company. I love the atmosphere, the brews are great, and the staff is amazing.


Growing up, my family and I always spent time at Pierson Ranch Recreation Area because of its relaxing, private location. It’s a great weekend getaway.

“Our menu has been updated with fresh new ingredients as well as new burgers that became favorites from our Brgr Feature segment.” -Ramiro Nino

5 Random Facts 

1. I have three beautiful children. Camila, Benito, and Deysia are my motivation for life and my biggest joys. They make me the happiest father in the world and are my inspiration to be great.

2. Cajun cuisine is my absolute favorite style of cooking. Aside from my mom’s authentic Mexican food, there isn’t anything under the sun I’d rather eat.

3. My first job was as a dishwasher at 15 years old, and I’ve been in the restaurant industry ever since. I am so thankful and grateful for every co-worker I’ve ever had as I feel I’ve learned from every individual—whether good or bad.

4. I have eight siblings. That makes nine of us, and I love it. Our parents worked extremely hard and sacrificed so much to put us all in a position to be successful. I am forever grateful, and my family will always be a big part of my journey.

5. If I could offer any advice, it would be this: Believe in yourself, work hard, and know it is possible.


I love some competition, so mini golf and go-karts are [some of my favorite activities] at Karttrax Family Fun Park. No friendly bets over here.


A fun and adventurous place my kids and I enjoy going to is Mazing Acres Pumpkin Patch. It’s a great addition to our community.


When you find Broken Trellis out and about, I definitely recommend trying them out. Foodies will love this food truck.

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