On a bustling corner of downtown Brookings sits the bright and modern b.beautiful Hair Lounge.

“There is so much negativity and pressure in the world that I really wanted to bring a place to help men, women, and kids feel comfortable to express themselves and feel like their best self,” said owner Megan Klinkefus.

For the last 16 years, Klinkefus has worked as a stylist. Last year, she found another outlet for her knowledge.

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RO+MO company was started in August 2021 with a goal in mind to offer the most effective, quality hot tools at an affordable price,” said Klinkefus. “My clients wanted something they could trust would last a long time; be effective as well as good for their hair health.”

The b.beautiful stylist shares more about her life and businesses.

b.beautiful Hair Lounge is a single-chair hair lounge in downtown Brookings providing women, men, and children with haircuts, colors, styling, waxing, and at-home products.” -Megan Klinkefus

MY FAVORITE WAYS TO SPEND MY LEISURE TIME IS… hanging out with my two boys, teaching fitness classes at b.well company, doing anything outside in the summer, cheering on the Jackrabbits [South Dakota State University] men’s basketball team, and spending time with my family and friends.

SOME OF MY FAVORITE PROJECTS HAVE BEEN… dreaming, creating, and watching RO+MO company come to life. Learning and growing from a branding standpoint has been incredible. Hiring an assistant three years ago changed everything for me.

CUSTOMERS COME TO THE WEBSITE… predominantly to make an appointment, as well as buy hair products. Hot tools have been huge for online orders. Having an online shop has made it so easy for anyone to purchase products.

I COULDN’T DO THIS WITHOUT… my family. I opened my first salon when I was 25 years old, so my parents [and siblings] played a huge role in getting my dreams started. My husband Rob supports anything and everything I dream up. My assistant Georgialee, who runs my social media, was a huge part of getting RO+MO company off the ground and into the hands of my friends and clients. I definitely wouldn’t be here without my incredible clients and friends that have been alongside me for years.

WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT KNOW ME IS… I’m known for my daily outfit story pictures on Instagram. It started off with a few fun selfies once in a while, but now people expect it. I love sharing my outfit and hair of the day.

SOMETHING WE’RE DOING WITH OUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW THAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT IS… working to get our hot tools into the hands of new cosmetologists through the two schools in South Dakota: Stewart School and Lake Area Technical College. We believe the Waver is the hottest tool on the market and that every hairstylist should be using one.

MY FAVORITE THING TO DO WITH FAMILY IS… have friends over. Rob cooks his famous walleye and fresh-cut fries on a sunny evening while all our kids are playing ball, riding bikes, and enjoying each other.

WHEN I WALK AROUND BROOKINGS, SOME OF MY FAVORITE PLACES TO STOP BY ARE…  Honeycomb Gifts and Hand Tied Floral Boutique on Main Street. I can always find the perfect gift, and I love the unique floral designs.

I LOVE TO GRAB A BITE OR DRINK AT…  Agua Fresh. My go-to drink is Fruit Punch crush juice. It’s always a treat when my clients show up with one. They know me well.

“I wanted a space that had positive talk and inspirational quotes rather than magazines and gossiping – a place for you to leave inspired and reenergized.” -Megan Klinkefus

MY FAVORITE PLACES TO GO FOR INSPIRATION ARE… Lake Madison and our family farm. I can go to both places and just let my mind rest, and that’s when creativity comes through—when I just give my brain space to expand.

SOMEONE LOCAL WHO I ADMIRE IS… Bri Fielder, founder and operator of b.well company. Not only is she my best friend, but I have walked alongside her in building her studio and brand. We are both Enneagram Type Threes and thrive sharing and bouncing ideas off of each other. We both believe everything is “figureoutable.”

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