Mack Farms near Goodwin has been in the family since 1947. Until 2009, it was a dairy operation. 

To improve the health of the family and the animals, practices needed to change.

In 2012, Calvin Mack purchased his first full-blood Japanese Wagyu bull to dip into a new market.

“We’re taking Wagyu, and we’re crossing it with those other [commercial] breeds to get an enhanced commercial breed with the flavor and the health aspects that come from the Wagyu,” said Mack.

Premium Dakota Beef started in 2017, catering to the high-quality, locally raised beef market.

“Wagyu smells different, tastes different, and your body metabolizes it differently because it’s high in oleic acid,” said Mack. “Wagyu is intensely marbled with healthy fat. That’s where the flavor comes from.”

Mack explains that Wagyu is considered a heart healthy red meat as it has a fatty acid profile that is much like olive oil and salmon with high levels of Omega 3s.


Cook Premium Dakota Beef’s product low and slow because the level of marbling makes it easy to ruin. This method ensures the best outcome.

“You go to a restaurant, and they’ll have all these things piled onto a burger. You don’t need to do that if you grab our burger. If you grabbed commercial burger and ours, you’re going to distinctively be able to tell the difference,” said Mack. “When you start going to the middle meats like steaks, it just gets that much better.”

This marbling also causes it to cook differently from traditional red meat. 
Try Premium Dakota Beef at a handful of restaurants around the state including Craft Fusion in Brookings, Jeffrey’s Superclub & Lounge in Kranzburg, Mavericks Steaks & Cocktails in Watertown, and Hot Mama Mack’s in Watertown.

“When you eat Wagyu, the flavor just kind of explodes in your mouth.”
Calvin Mack

Instant Pot Easy Pot Roast


2-3 lb. Wagyu arm roast or soup bone roast
5 medium-sized potatoes, sliced
1 bag baby carrots
2 medium onions, quartered
2 packages brown gravy mix
2 cups water


Place roast in a six-quart instant pot or pressure cooker. Top with veggies. Mix gravy with water, and pour on top.

Secure lid and seal. Set on manual without warming feature for 60 minutes. 

Let instant pot naturally release for 15-20 minutes before quick releasing. Serve.

On the website, customers can choose to purchase individual cuts, ground burger, snack sticks, and lunch meat. There’s also an option to purchase different portions in bulk.

“Premium Dakota Beef is a family owned company that basically was started to give people an opportunity to try one piece of meat, bundles, quarters, halves, or wholes,” said Mack.

Get an assortment of cuts from the whole cow or parts of the animal. Find cuts like chuck, flank, flat iron, skirt, brisket, sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, filet mignon tenderloin, and more.

“When you buy from us, you know 100% that it’s from South Dakota,” said Mack.

“For those that like red meat protein, Wagyu is such a different eating experience than your commercial meat. It’s unique by itself. Not only is it full of tons of flavor, it’s extremely healthy for you.”
Calvin Mack

The farm also does its best to be environmentally conscious when raising the animal and shipping orders.

“Our insulation is made with non-GMO corn, and it’s biodegradable by water, minimizing our carbon footprint,” said Mack. “We’re a place you’d feel comfortable buying from because we’re paying attention to that stuff.”

Moving forward, Mack says the company hopes to do what they do best. 

“[Premium Dakota Beef aims] to keep raising a value-added product that has many beneficial health aspects and keep offering it to people locally and across the US who are looking for a better eating experience.”

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