Amy Boes and Angela Merritt, owners of the Convolo event venue, found they were receiving more rental requests than they could book.

“Our first year of business with Convolo was very fruitful, and we were humbled by the feedback from the community,” said Boes. “We were turning renters away because they were wanting to book a time or day that was already unavailable.” 

In an effort to avoid turning potential renters away, the pair opened their sister event space, Casetta.

“Casetta” is the Italian word for “little house,” which was inspired by the building’s exterior and location in Sioux Falls. 

“We highlighted the gable-style house that it’s in,” said Boes. “It’s a very quaint structure near residential areas. It feels like a cozy home and is very welcoming.” 

Previously home to the interior design firm, Houndstooth House, Boes explains the building’s established features were the perfect fit for their new event space.

Sisterly Advice

Try to book your venue & vendors as far in advance as possible if you have a firm date in mind. We try to have an easy, stress-free booking process, & we’re always here to help & make recommendations leading up to your event.” 

“We want to provide a space where people feel like they have a place to host a variety of beautiful events.” – Amy Boes

With bright white walls, white shiplap ceilings, black interior accents, Cambria black quartz backsplash, and an electric fireplace, Casetta offers a clean and modern look.

Boes states that she and Merritt added their own personal touches to match their brand, making the building truly their own.

The 1,792-square-foot building can entertain 50 guests seated and 65 standing. Merritt describes Casetta as the perfect space for smaller, more intimate gatherings such as rehearsal dinners, showers, and celebrations.

Boes adds that a special aspect of Casetta is the convenient and smooth rental process.

“We wanted to make sure our venue offered a seamless experience,” explained Boes. “It’s like an Airbnb event space and a self-hosted process.”

Renters are able to rent the space online and will be given instructions and a code to access the building for their event time frame. Tables and chairs are included in the rental, but if renters require additional seating, the sisters say they recommend their neighboring business, ABC Rentals Special Events.

Boes adds that setup and tear-down services are available to help with convenience.

Décor items such as linens, platters, vases, and centerpieces are also available for rent.


They explain that it was important for Casetta to have a conference room available for various business ventures.

“We get a lot of corporate bookings at Convolo and we wanted something that was truly built for conferences,” said Boes.

The conference room can accommodate various business events such as off-site meetings, corporate events, and business anniversary celebrations.

Those who would like extra space for their event are able to rent out both spaces.

Casetta offers no limitations on catering. Boes explains that their renters are allowed to bring their own food, beer, wine, or caterers.

With the conference room hosting a kitchenette and refrigerator, Boes mentions that it’s the perfect preparation station for caterers.

The sisters expressed that, just like Convolo, they wanted to create a neutral event space for their renters.

“The design for both of our spaces was to be design forward, thoughtful, and intentional,” said Boes.

The duo asked themselves what they would like to see in an event space to create an area where everyone’s theme can speak loudly.

“Not everyone’s style is the same,” said Boes. “We wanted people to be inspired when they’re in this space.”

With unique staple pieces throughout the venue, it’s still subtle yet versatile enough that guests can still make the event their own, adds Merritt.

“We’re very passionate about events and hosting, and it’s been fun to see how people make use of the venue. They’ve gotten very creative,” said Boes.

Boes expressed that through their event spaces, she and Merritt have been able to reach the community outside of their rentals.

“One of the best parts about working in the event world has been getting to know and working with all of the talented vendors in Sioux Falls,” said Boes. “We’ve been working with small businesses to see what other types of events we can bring to the community.” 

As the sisters begin to transition into the event world full-time, they share what plans they have in store for 2023. Convolo and Casetta are expanding with a larger-scale wedding venue, Monick Yards

“We’re partnering with the owners of Highball Bar, The Treasury at Hotel On Phillips, and Carpenter Bar to open a downtown venue,” said Boes. 

The new 12,000-square-foot space will offer an urban experience for any occasion with an industrial ambiance and thoughtful finishes. 

Monick Yards will have a capacity of up to 400 people and will be located near Convolo, on 8th Street. 

For more information, visit THECASETTA.COM.

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