It began with two best friends and a crazy idea.

Angi Hanzlik and Cindy Peterson felt that there was something missing along Chamberlain’s Main Street.

With Hanzlik listing her previously owned photography studio along the busy street, the two began to conjure ideas of what the property could become.

“I remember us saying how someone should put in a kitchen store and Angi said, ‘Well, we should do it,’” said Peterson.

As Chamberlain residents traveled to Mitchell, Sioux Falls, or Rapid City to purchase quality kitchenware and gourmet foods, the friends acknowledged a desire for such items.

“We wanted to bring our small town a store where our customers can feel like they’re in a big town with quality items,” said Peterson.

With the help of their husbands, the pair began to transform the brick-and-mortar location into Berry + Basil.

“We wanted to create a space that we wanted to spend our days in and hopefully others would like to come in and hang out with us,” said Peterson.

Opening in the midst of the pandemic, the pair didn’t see it as an obstacle, but rather the perfect opportunity for the Chamberlain community.

“It’s been a really fun adventure and definitely something I never thought I would be a part of.” – Angi Hanzlik


Berry + Basil offers free in-store pick-up for locals.

“At the time, everyone began to appreciate family meals,” said Pe “Everyone began to cook and bake more.”

According to Peterson and Hanzlik, opening during this time didn’t come without its challenges. Neither of them could attend kitchenware expositions or meet with distributors to handle and test potential products.

“We depended heavily on products and brands that we loved and had in our very own kitchens,” explained Peterson. “We also had a lot of guidance from other kitchen store owners and sales representatives who have become our family and mentors.”

“They have all been very kind and helpful, and that was something we are grateful for,” added Hanzlik.

As self-titled “Curators of Joy”, the pair’s goal for Berry + Basil was simple: to bring joy back into the kitchen.

“We wanted to bring the joy back into the kitchen and family gatherings, as well as to bring back traditions and cultivate a feeling of togetherness,” said Hanzlik.

Hanzlik and Peterson believe that the art of cooking should be enjoyed and cherished with tools that make lives easier.

“My grandma always said that the kitchen should be the one place that brings us joy, and if a tool frustrates us, it shouldn’t be in our kitchen,” reflected Peterson.

“We’re not afraid to try new things, and I think that’s something that’s special about us.”
Amanda Goetz

In response, the two believe that every kitchen should be filled with beautiful things that make people smile. They laugh as they say that pretty things make everyone happy. Kitchenware items can go beyond their simple purpose to spark inspiration.

“It could be something as simple as a dishtowel in our favorite color,” said Peterson. “It’s not that it just does its job, it’s an item that when we’re using it, it makes us feel something.”

When customers walk into Berry + Basil, they can expect to feel welcomed and inspired.

“We want the store to be an experience and hope that everything we’ve curated makes it an uplifting experience,” said Hanzlik.

The kitchenware haven carries a variety of primary and specialty kitchen items and gourmet foods.

Hanzlik adds that they carry anything anyone would need in the kitchen from staple necessities like pots, pans, bakeware, utensils, and knives to specialty olive oils, seasonings, vinegar, coffee, tea, and wine.

The duo works to continually search for and curate beautiful, high-quality, functional, and fair-priced must haves.

Berry + Basil also carries a signature line of lotion, hand soap, and air fresheners. The pair worked with Prairie Artisan Fragrances to create two signature scents.


Customers can choose between Hanzlik’s Tobacco Vanilla and Peterson’s Peony Suede.

Berry + Basil has been able to serve the Chamberlain community in more ways than one.

The store is able to transform into a space to host various events from wine tastings, to meat-and-cheese tastings, private parties, and bridal showers.

“It’s a fun space, while yes there’s shopping but it ultimately comes back to why we created the space, —a place where people want to hang out,” said Peterson.

Hanzlik and Peterson explain that their dreams could not have come true without the support from their family, community, and each other.

“Our dream evolved to more than what we thought it could be, and to have it come to life has been a tribute to our partnership,” said Peterson.

The pair share that their goals remain consistent in providing and helping create memorable experiences for their area.

“A day doesn’t go by where someone comes in and thanks us for being here, and that makes Angi and I feel very special,” said Peterson.

For more information, visit BERRYANDBASIL.COM.


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