When Christiana Ostrem moved from Minneapolis to South Dakota, she made a list of dreams. Number eight on that list was to open a coffeeshop.

After meeting a local pastor who shared the same dream, they found a building in downtown Centerville to turn into what is now The Seed Coffeehouse and Eatery.

As various donors contributed to the community project, The Seed opened its doors at 600 Broadway Street in April of 2020.

“Opening in the middle of the pandemic may have seemed unconventional,” Christiana noted, “but our town and surrounding communities made The Seed successful beyond what we could have imagined.”

The coffeeshop has been open for nearly three years, and in that time it has expanded the menu. What once started with coffee now includes smoothies, tea, breakfast, lunch, and pastries.

Learn more about The Seed, executive director Ostrem, and how a dream-come-to-life is making\ a difference in the Centerville community.

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many individuals who have donated time, money, and energy to make The Seed what it is today.” – Christiana Ostrem

I started the company because…
I believe every town needs a third place…a place outside of home and work where you can belong and find encouragement and community. Coffee (or anything we serve) can be the perfect conduit for connection with people. I want The Seed to be people’s first step to finding their place in our community. 

My favorite part of my job is…
seeing the interactions between staff and customers and customers with each other. I’ve had the privilege of watching friendships form, people encouraging each other, stories shared, needs met, and jokes told (many by one of our managers, Conrad Josko). The interaction is the whole point of why we are here. We want to leave each person that comes in better than we found them. 

My background in the industry is…
limited. That’s the fun of it. I’ve loved coffee since I was 8 years old sitting at my Grandma Helen’s kitchen table. As a high school sophomore, I became a barista at Dunn Brothers Coffee. The rest of my experience comes from being self-taught and shadowing those in the field who have incredible skills (a huge thanks to Shania Rozeboom of Rainy Day Coffee Co. and my sister Erin Ritter who is part owner and manager of Syndicate Coffee + Bakery in Los Angeles).



Sausage, bacon, or ham with sharp white cheddar, and egg. 


Two egg patties, ham, sausage, or bacon patty, white cheddar, sauteed onions, and peppers. 


Ham, roast beef or chicken with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, craisins, sliced almonds, crumbled white cheddar, and house ranch dressing. Served with toast on the side.


Romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes, crumbled cheese, and house ranch.


Roast beef topped with white cheddar, nacho cheese, sauteed onions, peppers, and steak seasoning.


Rotisserie chicken salad with chives, almonds, and craisins on top of romaine lettuce. Topped with bacon on toasted bread.

A goal I have for The Seed is…
to grow in size and scope. We as a staff want to impact more people in our community. The coffee shop’s presence in Centerville has led to a church plant in town. We are hoping to expand our offerings in beverages and food and host more events and opportunities over time. Our long term goal would be to train interns that can leave The Seed and implement a similar idea in other small towns. I think each town can benefit from a place like this.

My passions include…
knowing Jesus, and family (my husband Greg and two kids). I love playing the piano and singing, traveling, Iced-Shaken Sugar Lattes (at The Seed), and enjoying the company of my extended family.

I like to spend my free time…
with family and friends on our farm or trying new things. Few things give me greater joy than having those I care about with me on adventures to new and interesting places or sharing coffee with them across the kitchen table. 

Look up!

The ceilings in The Seed showcase crown molding that is original to the building and custom brick wall built by Knudson Masonry.

When I’m not working, you can find me…
enjoying a movie night with my family, helping my husband with cattle chores, sharing dinner with friends, preparing music for our church plant, listening to audiobooks by Charles Martin or John Eldredge, searching for coffee shops I haven’t tried, or planning my next trip. 

Something fun we do at work is…
we hide miniature figurines throughout The Seed. We have goats, sheep, cows, a farmer, and many others. Kids and adults alike notice the figurines right away and it becomes a game to find all of the figurines.

Something I’m excited about right now is…
all the good I see coming. The last few years have been tough ones for many of us. But I look ahead and see good. Good in simple things: love for family and friends, and faith that secures us to hope. Adversity teaches us to appreciate the little things…for me it’s coloring with my kids, morning coffee with my husband, making new friends, and seeing the sunrise. The best is yet to come, and assurance of that can be found if you look for it.

Keep up with The Seed

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Member community of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. More info: siouxmetro.com

I’m originally from…
Minneapolis, MN. I lived there until 2009. 

My favorite thing on the menu is…
The Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with Seed Sauce along with the Iced Shaken Sugar with oat milk.

Something I’d like to tell my younger self is…
just wait till you see how God will weave together all of the experiences of your whole life to prepare you for the right opportunity at just the right time. No experience is wasted. Don’t think you have to do everything you want to by the time you reach 30. You are only getting started. 

Something that makes The Seed unique is…
our care for our customers. We strive to be customer centric…to leave each customer better than we found them and to give them the best experience possible, both in what we serve them and how we interact with them. 

My favorite place to go for inspiration is…
Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Café in downtown Sioux Falls and Habitué Coffeehouse & Bakery in LeMars, IA. I sat and dreamt about The Seed in both of these places and it’s fun to see the bits of inspiration I found at each location in what The Seed has become. 

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