Plum’s Cooking Company by Simply Perfect offers cooking classes for kids, introducing them to becoming culinary experts.

With the help of professional chefs from the area, kids are able to dive into the adventurous world of cooking with Plum’s Cooking School.

“By the end of each class, everyone either has a plate or big bag of things that they made that day to take home to their families.”  -Michael Charpentier

The edible fun begins in June, where youths will learn expert tips and techniques focusing on the culinary basics they will use for a lifetime while stepping out of their comfort zone. 

Hilary Green, class manager of Plum’s Cooking Company, says they offer various classes for different age groups. Their kids’ classes are offered to children between the ages of 6 to 11, while their teen classes are offered to kids 12 to 17. 

“The kids come in for two hours a day for a week to get their hands dirty,” said Green. “And while the degree of difficulty changes with the two groups, it’s a very interactive class.”


Kids and teenagers will be taken on a culinary journey with several classes offered, like Flavors of the World, Flavors of the USA, Farm to Table, and Baking

Chef instructor Michael Charpentier shared that Flavors of the World will be focused on dishes from Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Flavors of the USA will focus on flavors from numerous regions like the Pacific Northwest, the South, the East Coast, and the West Coast. 

The most popular class each year has been Baking, Charpentier added. This class focuses on both savory and sweet desserts, as well as bread and pastries. 

This year, the cooking instructors wanted to add something new to the table. 

“Hilary and I are also joined by chef Lizzie Stewart, another chef [at Plum’s], and she suggested that we teach a Farm to Table class that focuses on seasonal produce,” shared Charpentier. 

He added that the goal with this class is to hopefully have kids gain an interest in eating locally-sourced, fresh, and in-season food. 


Other Classes Include

Around the World Special Reserve | Cuba

Hands-on Butter Bonanza

Italian Dinner

Ode to Garlic

Spring in Paris

Each camp will provide kids and teens with copies of recipes they will cook, bake, and experiment with throughout the week. 

“They’ll get to eat everything they make and they’re going to gain some skills and knowledge, and try something they haven’t tried before,” said Charpentier. 

He added that kids are more willing to try new things, as they haven’t discovered their food palate yet and are still figuring out what tastes good and are still growing into who they want to be. 

Previous classes have introduced kids and teens to learn how to prepare cuisine from various cultures, like homemade pizzas, pot stickers, sushi (a fan favorite), beignets, Pork and Ginger Wontons (pictured), and more. 

“I’m really excited to continue to share more of those dishes with the kids,” said Charpentier. 

All the mess that comes with classes contributes to the fun.

“When kids get their hands in some flour and start trying to put the dough together, it’s kind of a hilarious mess,” laughed Charpentier. “The moments when everybody wants to get their fingers in something are my favorite.” 

Though some struggles can occur depending on the dish, Charpentier and other instructors are there to help. 

“There’s always been a demand for kids’ camps during the summers, so we’ve been working to ramp it up and continue them.” -Hilary Green

 “Watching them realize that they’ve got it, like cutting a sushi roll and saying, ‘Oh look at this,’ and seeing them taste the fruits of their labors is really rewarding,” ˙said Charpentier. 

Plum’s Cooking Classes offer private events for families who would like to experience the classes together. They will have the opportunity to create a customized menu and work with the ingredients of their choosing. 

Charpentier mentioned all of the offered classes are family-friendly, within reason. 

“We’ve had one of our regulars bring her two grandchildren with her, and we also get the occasional teenager who wants to come and join their parents or grandparents,” he said. 

Green adds that it’s been common to see kids and teenagers who’ve been to previous camps to come back to an adult class. 

She shares that their kids and teen camps are the perfect experience for someone who wants the chance to be creative and create something they’re able to share with their families. 

“They also give the kids some confidence, especially towards the end of the week. They feel like they can look at a recipe and know how to put it all together,” said Green. 

Cooking and baking can be daunting, but with Plum’s Cooking Classes, the instructors help break down that barrier. 

“A lot of kids are interested in learning how to make a recipe and not be intimidated by it, and a lot of adults experience that, too,” explained Charpentier. “These classes break down the demystification, and you realize it’s all just food.” 

For more information, visit PLUMSCOOKING.COM.
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