Nestled one block off of the main business district of Hot Springs is The Historic Burdette House—a short-term rental property lovingly nicknamed “Hot Springs’ Best Kept Secret.”

The three-story home was built in 1891 and has been many things over the years, including a cancer sanitarium in the early 1900s.

Today, the charming building is home to Andy and Denise Ondrejka, and the second floor is open for guests to rest their heads during their stay in the Black Hills.

After visiting the quiet town in May of 2021, the couple didn’t want to leave.

“We fell in love with the Black Hills. We came down here to relax because we did all the tourist stuff up there. We fell in love with the house, the location, the town, and the people,” said Andy.

In July 2021, they purchased the property and began living in the home and operating the rental.


» Up to 6 Guests
» 2 Bedrooms
» 1 Full Bathroom
» Full Kitchen
» Living Space 
» Redwood Sauna 
» Fireplace
» Firepit 
» Outdoor Dining
» Courtyard & Playset
» Turtle Pond

“When they sold us the house, the second floor came pretty much as is,” said Andy.

The only things that the couple added were a few decorations and fresh coats of paint.

Though it’s an old house, the space caters well to housing the couple and their guests without causing much disturbance. 

“We can’t hear you, and you can’t hear us,” explained Andy. “We can blast the TV, and you can’t hear it. It’s so sound proof.”

Visitors have easy access to all the attractions in Hot Springs, as the house is located within walking distance of many of them including Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa, Buffalo Dreamer, Springs Coffee, and Southern Hills Mercantile.

When it’s time to relax, the Burdette House has plenty of opportunities to do so. 

“There are so many beautiful places in Hot Springs to go.” – Denise Ondrejka

“It’s peaceful,” said Denise. “You’ve got the second floor to yourself. You can go out back and use the firepit and the sauna and do what you want.” 

Along with the firepit and the sauna, guests can use the small playset or watch the turtles swimming in the pond.

Sheldon and Franklin, the two turtles, used to belong to the Ondrejka’s children. 

“They kept growing and growing, and we fell in love with them,” said Denise. “We feed them fruit. They’ll come up and take it from our hands. Sheldon and Franklin are very domesticated.”

Guests can even get to know the turtles for themselves during feeding time.

“If we have guests with kids, we’ll text the family to come down and join us,” said Andy.

Any guest who would like to try feeding the turtles during this time gets the chance to do so.

“It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen,” said Denise.

“As long as they’re comfortable, they enjoy themselves, and they leave here with a good feeling, we’re happy.”  – Denise Ondrejka

Eventually, the couple hopes to have the third floor of the property ready for guests. 

“There’ll definitely be a difference between the floors,” said Andy. “Each floor is totally different.” 

Following that theme, the goal is to design the third floor in a more historic manner than the second floor is. 

Denise says she has a passion for antiques, so the upper level will eventually lend itself to her collection and sharing that experience with guests. 

People planning a trip to Hot Springs may want to consider the personal experience at the Burdette House. 

For more information, visit HOTSPRINGS-SD.COM+
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