Nestled in the lush prairie and woods of the state is Hunters Pointe Shooting Complex. The outdoor arena in Humboldt serves as a haven for beginners and enthusiasts in outdoor shooting, offering a wide array of ranges and facilities to cater to various skill levels and disciplines.

After retiring from the active army in 2008, owner and manager Chris Chamness was on the lookout for his next adventure. Upon his retirement, Chamness met Tony Bour. The two shared a passion for shooting and wanted to build a place for locals who share similar interests.

“The club was opened up to South Dakota shooters who have a tradition for shooting,” said Chamness.

Hunters Pointe prides itself on providing a comprehensive shooting experience. The facility boasts a diverse range of shooting ranges tailored to meet the needs of different disciplines, including handguns and rifles.

we have tremendous support from the people of south Dakota, and I like to think that’s because we take time to listen to their goals.” -Chris Chamness

The complex offers two clay courses and four target courses. Chamness says each course is created to ensure both safety and optimal shooting conditions.

The exhilarating clay courses range from automatic trap machines that launch targets at varying angles and speeds. Newcomers shouldn’t fret, as Chamness is there to guide, help, and improve their techniques.

The West Clay Course is a time-proven wings course with 14 stations and 28 fully automated target throwers, providing various types of hunting simulations.

“We call it our ‘friendly course’ and it never changes,” explained Chamness. “Shooters can come out at a skill level of zero and work to advance their basic skills and achieve a better score.”

The East Clay Course offers a more competitive option. With alternating targets, shooters are presented a challenge with standard rolling, curling, diving, and ducking shooting scenarios.


Be safe, have a positive attitude, come in friendly, have courage, and then set your goals on what you want to achieve based on your background.

This year the shooting complex is hosting the Scheels Midwest Classic and the South Dakota State Shoot.

“The tournaments are open to the public, so anyone can shoot and get an inside look at competitive shooting on the clay side,” explained Chamness.

Rifle enthusiasts can take advantage of the Rifle and Pistol Range. The range houses 19 concrete stabilized benches, with each bench addressing targets at 100, 200, 300, 400, and 600 yards.

The adjustable target distances allow sportsmen to challenge their accuracy and precision. Chamness adds that the reactive steel targets provide instant gratification upon the shot’s arrival.

The Five Stand and Flurry course simulates a 100-rooster flush at the border of a cornfield. Whether it is a team or individual effort, the time between targets is adaptable to fit the marksmen’s desire and skill level.

The Wobble Trap, Trap, and Skeet courses are available to educate younger shooters on flushing and crossing targets. The Wobble Trap involves an oscillating machine from left to right and up and down that can be thrown on command for an individual or as a two-man flurry. 

Honoring Veterans

Hunters Pointe Shooting Complex hosts the South Dakota Salutes shoot yearly, honoring those who fought for the United States.

For those looking for a true hunting experience, Chamness and his team offer a Guided Pheasant Hunt. Located 25 minutes from Sioux Falls Regional Airport, the afternoon event introduces camaraderie and team bonding, which Chamness states epitomizes pheasant hunting.

“We’re a preserve, so birds are always available, our dogs will point, they’ll flush and retrieve,” said Chamness. “It’s an afternoon full of South Dakota tradition.”

Whether customers need ammunition or are looking to rent a firearm, the Pro-Shop has what they need. The one-stop shop carries high performance target and hunting loads, shooting accessories, cleaning kits, and more.

Chamness says Hunters Pointe isn’t just a place for shooting; it’s also a vibrant community for like-minded individuals. The facility regularly hosts events, competitions, and social gatherings, bringing together shooting enthusiasts from all walks of life.

“We get people from everywhere throughout the state and regionally as well,” shared Chamness. “When visitors are in South Dakota, we can provide a different experience and it’s common for people to bring their family, friends, guests, or visitors from another country.


Hunters Pointe Shooting Complex is a community member of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. For more community members, visit

For events, The Pavilion provides a rustic and informal setting for special or private events. Comfortably seating 160 people, the in-house charcoal grill, kitchenette, refrigerator, freezers, and tables provide the perfect space to enjoy an evening outdoors.

“We’ve hosted everything from bachelor parties, weddings, church youth groups, and other church outings,” said Chamness. The Pro-Shop is also equipped to hold small gatherings of 50 to 60 guests.

“Catering is allowed, but I’m definitely not a part of the catering business,” Chamness said with a chuckle. Hunters Pointe stands as a premiere destination for shooting enthusiasts, whether customers are looking to improve their skills or experience the thrill of the sport

“We treat the people the way I would like to be treated, and we all have something in common when people come through our gate,” said Chamness. “We’re all South Dakota sportsmen.

For more information, visit HUNTERSPOINTESD.COM+
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