Your Nurtured Baby is Sioux Falls’ first one-stop shop for infant wellness, offering a combination of spa services, educational classes, and baby care essentials.

The premier baby spa and boutique offers babies and parents a unique and nurturing environment.

Founded by mother-daughter duo Laura Hanson and Liz Aragon, Your Nurtured Baby has a mission to empower parents and ensure all babies thrive.

Hanson and Aragon’s passion for infant well-being stems from personal experience. Hanson, a mother of five, was inspired by her daughter, Mara, who was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect.

Hanson shares that Mara developed heart failure sooner than expected. As the doctors were gearing up for open-heart surgery on the then 3-month-old, Hanson stumbled across something life-changing.

“Not one family is the same. You’re always going to be welcome here, regardless of what your family looks like.” -Laura Hanson

“I was scrolling through TikTok at three in the morning, and I came across this baby spa in Chicago and infant massage and its benefits,” she explained.

The mother discovered infant massages aid in muscle tone, whereas babies with Down syndrome tend to have low muscle tone.

“As I was looking into it, I noticed no one else in Sioux Falls taught it,” said Hanson.

Amazed by the benefits it brought to Mara, Hanson knew she had to bring this practice to South Dakota. Aragon, seeing her sister’s challenges, was motivated to learn more about infant care.

The mother and daughter then set out to Washington, D.C. to gain a certification in infant massage, amongst other qualifications.

One of the main services at Your Nurtured Baby is Infant Massage.

As Hanson and Aragon are both Certified Educators of Infant Massage, they offer and instruct classes that teach parents this gentle art.

Infant massage has been shown to benefit babies in numerous ways, including promoting relaxation, improving sleep, and relieving physical discomfort.

“Parents often come to learn infant massages to help relieve the discomfort of gas, constipation, and colic,” said Hanson.

These massages also aid in promoting a strong bond between parent and child.

“We only teach parents and caregivers, as the connection that’s being made is so strong,” stated Hanson.

» She’s a proud Army veteran with a civilian work history, including city government and corporate administration.
» Her husband, Tony, is a career firefighter.
» Her other certifications include Newborn Care Specialist and CPR + First Aid.

» She’s the mom of a sweet Bernese Mountain dog, Tsunade.
» She’s the oldest of her five siblings.
» Her other certifications include Newborn Care Specialist and CPR + First Aid.

The other main service at Your Nurtured Baby is Water Movement—a fun way to help babies discover independent movement before they’re mobile on land.

Water movement has been shown to improve muscle tone, relaxation, stimulation, and confidence.

Four temperature-controlled tubs line a wall of the storefront equipped with flotation devices, water toys, reusable swim diapers, towels, and stools for parents to sit and enjoy the experience.

“The infant massage and water movement have a lot of similar benefits,” shared Hanson.

Parents interested in experiencing either service can choose from Hanson’s Float + Basic Massage package for babies aged 2 to 12 months or Float Only for babies aged 2 to 15 months.

Your Nurtured Baby recognizes the importance of community for parents, offering classes that provide opportunities for socialization and support.

“During our classes, I believe we are indirectly supporting the parents, especially with infant massage,” said Hanson.

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She continued, “Classes can show benefits to moms dealing with postpartum depression, and they make connections with parents who are maybe in the same stages as them so they’re able to grow and connect.”

The education classes aid in gaining confidence in caring for a newborn with workshops on newborn care basics, CPR and choking, and cloth diapers.

Additionally, Hanson and Aragon offer classes for expecting parents, dads, and babysitters.

While attending a class can appear daunting, Hanson shares that her team is there to answer any questions and offer support to parents.

“When we start our classes, we remind parents that it’s a judgment-free zone,” she added. “We just want you to be comfortable while hitting our main goal of helping families with their baby’s development and growth.”

Your Nurtured Baby goes beyond just providing services. The business fosters a sense of community by hosting events such as playgroups, storytime, Footprint Art, Bumpin’ with Baby, and Sing N’ Sprout.

“Sing N’ Sprout is a 45-minute movement and music class where parents and their babies can come in and sing and dance,” explained Hanson. “It’s also great networking for the parents, too.”

Hanson and Aragon recognize that a nurtured baby is a happy baby.

“Parents can expect a judgment- free zone where theycanaskusall sorts of questions.” -Laura Hanson

In the front of their store and online is a boutique stocked with a curated selection of eco-friendly and sustainable products.

“It’s important to us that we know where the clothing and products were made from and that they’re safe for kids,” stated Hanson.

Your Nurtured Baby’s boutique focuses on clothing, accessories, toys, teethers, pacifiers, bath products, and more for children.

Additionally, the boutique has a section dedicated to mothers, which includes clothing, skincare, teething necklaces, and the Mamma Bottle—a water bottle specifically designed
to support moms through pregnancy and breastfeeding to meet their daily water needs.

Since opening its doors in November 2022, Your Nurtured Baby has equipped parents and caregivers with the tools they need to properly nurture their babies into becoming toddlers, teenagers, and adults.

“It’s been an incredible experience for us, especially since we’re the fourth baby spa in the nation who are all independently operated and owned,” shared Hanson. “It’s an overall unique experience parents can come to do with their kids in Sioux Falls.”

For more information, visit YOURNURTUREDBABY.COM+
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