Creating a Coffee Culture

When planning a trip, there are always must-see locales, like museums, parks, and famous landmarks. A lot of those stops, though, are in between taking in heavy amounts of local cuisine and drinks. Specialty coffee shops are a prime example of soaking in the scene, and South Dakota has definitely seen a rise of options throughout the state.


Owner/partner of Pure Bean in Rapid City, Mark Royalty, says people find comfort in local coffee shops in different cities, and that’s why they flock to get a taste of their take on the familiar product.

“Coffee is very much a relational product, and there is so much room for expression in the coffee production side of things,” said Royalty. “You can actually have a lot of different shops all doing their own brand and have a vastly different experience with the coffee from shop to shop.”


CEO of Coffea Roasterie & Espresso Bar in Sioux Falls, Bryan Kegley, agrees, noting that local coffee shops can give a preview into the community for outsiders. “Traveling to different towns, you really get a very good microcosm of what that city is when you go to local shops,” he said.

After dropping by several businesses and trying bags (and K-Cups) of local coffee, one thing is certain – the product speaks for the passion behind it.

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Photography: Elizabeth Lucille Photography