At Home With Ryan + Mel Kickland

In celebration of our summer festival issue, we visited Americana musician Ryan Kickland in his west Rapid City home. The avid collector gave us a tour of his ranch home that he shares with wife, Mel, and his children Alia, 19, and Syd, 17.

Rock Hunters

The Kicklands enjoy collecting rocks from various places they visit. “We’re rock hounds, so you’ll see rocks all around,” said Ryan. Whether they’re found in stores on road trips, or through rock hunting, rocks can be found on shelves and other areas of the home. The couple have lived in places like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Tennessee, and have brought rocks back with them from all of those locations when they moved back to South Dakota seven years ago. Ryan says Mel will clean the rocks occasionally to keep them looking good.

Furniture as Art

“I like furniture that serves as art,” said Ryan. This includes vintage stereos and players that are sprinkled all over the home. One of his favorite pieces is a stand built specifically for 78 players, which he says are hard to find.

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