Located in the heart of Hill City is a destination market experience with The Pack Mule Provisions & Grocery.

This establishment goes beyond the typical aisles of packaged goods, offering a curated selection of regional specialties and artisanal products.

“We’re aiming to fill a niche on this side of the state that has been left unattended in the grocery area,” said owner Benjamin Klinkel.

Klinkel, who is a chef and entrepreneur, is known for unique culinary experiences in South Dakota with Rapid City’s high-end Delmonico Grill, Tally’s Silver Spoon, and Rockerville’s casual dining, The Gaslight Dining Saloon.

The Pack Mule has taken on the genre of the Old West, paying homage to the pioneering spirit that fits in the Black Hills. Its logo features a mule with a lazy ear draped in a burlap sack who, as Klinkel says, is ready to take a load down the Oregon Trail.

The atmosphere mingles the charm of the Midwest with the elegance of big-city living.

“Imagine something like Trader Joe’s meets Sur La Table,” shared Klinkel.

Situated under McGregor & Main on Main Street, The Pack Mule is a neighborhood anchor for visitors and locals alike.

“The smaller populations don’t have what larger cities have,” said Klinkel. “Now you don’t have to go too far outside of your neighborhood to get all of the things you need.”

The convenient location allows vacationers to easily stock up for their stay, while locals can discover unique finds and support producers.

“We want to be a one-stop shop for everyone,” said Klinkel.


Check out the newly-opened Pack Mule location in Rapid City at 100 Saint Joseph Street.

The Pack Mule’s shelves are stocked with a diverse array of products, from locally-sourced meats and cheeses to artisanal breads, and more.

Customers can peruse different sections, from fresh produce to household essentials.

The General Store features departments of common items and unique culinary staples.

In the produce department, patrons can find seasonal everyday staples sourced from local and regional farmers. The butcher department features an array of cut-to-order meats, including beef, buffalo, and Hutterite chicken.

“We’re broadening the scope of artisan things that are available to people at home and in restaurants in and around the Black Hills.” – Benjamin klinkel

For an on-the-go option, the deli case presents an array of gourmet offerings, from ready-to-eat meals to take-and-bake specialties. The seafood department showcases a variety of both wild-caught and farm-raised options, such as finfish, shellfish, and mollusks.

Other departments throughout the market are charcuterie, air tights, soft tack, cow juice, and floral.

“As I said before, we’re doing this as a nod to the pioneering spirit, so we say ‘air tights’ in place of jarred food, we say ‘cow juice’ in place of dairy, and ‘soft tack’ in place of bread,” explained Klinkel.

The Pack Mule also features a full liquor, cigar, provision, and apothecary department.

The liquor store, also known as Bottled Courage, contains a wide selection of wine, beer, and liquor—including a focus on craft beers and boutique wines.

The Parlour, a walk-in humidor, is stocked with luxury cigars and tobacco.


The Pack Mule is working with Victoria’s Garden to provide fresh flowers in their floral department.

Finally, the provision and apothecary departments boast everything from home and kitchen, to cleaning and hygiene products.

The Pack Mule isn’t just about groceries. The store fosters a sense of community by offering a gathering space for residents and tourists. Customers can gather around the Perpendicular—a standup bar where patrons can indulge in a bite to eat with friends or family.

“There’s a full kitchen behind the bar, and we also have a liquor license,” shared Klinkel. “So customers can enjoy a glass of wine or craft beer while shopping.”

The Perpendicular also acts as a station for future classes and events, such as cooking classes and demonstrations, wine tastings and pairings, and floral arranging courses. All classes are designed for adults and kids, and their expert instructors ensure each session will be both fun and informative.


“We want our guests to go home with a new recipe and idea that they put to use in their kitchen,” said Klinkel.

While not in class, the bar transforms into a bustling social hub, where guests can relax with a drink and savor the region’s flavors.

For individuals and families exploring the Black Hills, The Pack Mule is a fitting spot to stock up on provisions for their adventures.

“Whether it’s grabbing healthy snacks or ingredients to conjure up meals and s’mores, The Pack Mule is always going to have something for moms, dads, kids, and everyone else,” shared Klinkel.

For more information, visit PACKMULE.ORG+
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