You think you know the Simpsons? Check it out: 

In an article by Dan Macsai in Fast Company Magazine (, “The Simpsons” by the numbers:

Animating each half-hour episode takes six months, requires dozens of animators in the U.S. and Korea and cost more than $500,000.

This season is The Simpsons' 21st, making it the longest-running prime-time comedy in U.S. TV history. (No. 1 drama: Gunsmoke, which ran for 20 seasons.)

During the show's opening credits, a supermarket cashier scans Maggie Simpson. She's worth $486.52.

The Simpsons universe contains more than 300 supporting characters, including Comic Book Guy, Squeaky-Voiced Teen and Krusty the Clown.

The major Simpsons cast members make $400,000 per episode.

Consumers worldwide spent more than $750 million on Simpsons merchandise last year.

Homer Simpson makes an estimated $65,000 a year working as a nuclear Safety Inspector.

In 1990, 33.6 million people watched "Bart Gets an F" the highest-rated episode in Simpsons history.

Marge and Lisa have eight eyelashes. Maggie has six.

The Simpsons finished the 1989-90 season at #28 in the Nielsen ratings, the first Fox show ever to break into the top 30.

Last season, it ranked 83rd.

Today the show averages 6.7 million viewers — although it's the 7th most watched show on Hulu.

Last year, companies spent$314.8 million to advertise during Simpsons first-runs and prime-time repeats, down16.8% from 2007.

Burger King, Target, and bowling ball maker Brunswick are among the 500-plus companies around the world that have been licensed to use the Simpsons brand.

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