Pigeons. Squirrels. Labradors. Tigers. Frenchmen. Prozac Rat has more songs about animals than they do about girls. Maybe that's because animals don't complain that you never buy them anything nice. And animals don't cheat on you. Over and over and over again. Whatever their reasons, Prozac Rat has been crafting clever pop songs since 1997, when the small town South Dakota cousins Noah Daniel Smith: The Greatest Man On Earth and Mr. Dietr decided to form the two-piece band. For the next decade they would continually write and record, performing occasionally. From song to song, album to album, Prozac Rat mixes genres, styles and metaphors like a pair of suicidal bartenders, drawing comparisons to artists like Ween, Zappa, and occasionally plastic surgeons. 

In 2006, the duo moved to Minneapolis, MN, and recruited fellow cousin Xopher Smith on bass and Aaron Clarksean on drums. Since then they have been delivering high-energy, creative music to fun-loving audiences of the Upper Midwest. In October of 2009 they released their first official album, Big Palsy, and they are currently waist-deep in followup projects, as is usual.

Prozac Rat will join Minnesota’s Mayda at Club David on Friday, July 9th for an 8 p.m.-midnight 21+ show. While Wumpus is the ying to their yang, they are unavailable to perform that evening so band leader Doktor Barkey will reemerge for a solo set to round out the evening.

For tickets, visit www.collectiveeffortsunion.com.

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