Question: How would you describe your fashion and who would you consider your role model?

Johnny Nguyen, 19

“My style? The art of fashion without fashion. I don’t really have an idol. I could take anything from a modern day, 1950’s bosozoku greaser to Rick Owen’s F/W line. Style is nothing without substance.”

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Kelly McGovern, 20


“I am somewhat out there. I like to wear what I think is ahead of the trend. I always like to wear something that stands out, whether it be a funky color or embedded with sequins. My fashion inspiration would probably be Samantha from ‘Sex and the City’ because she always wears something a little risque and not for the norm while always being glamorous!”

Chloe Nelson, 20

“I would say my wardrobe is mix of boho, hip and urban styles. I love fun prints and warm colors. It’s essential to me to wear outfits that are fashionable, practical and make me feel good. I get a lot of fashion inspiration from everyday people I see at school or on the street, but I combine style ideas to exemplify my individuality. It’s important to feel comfortable in my own skin and to make my fashion reflect my personality, not someone else’s.”

Alex Hall, 21

“My fashion varies it depends on what mood I am in and what fun things I think would go together. I like to mix things like classy styles, but dress it down some with some boho accesories. I would say for fashion inspiration: I like to get my ideas from Vogue, or Cosmo; I always think they have great looks that people my age have and it’s fun to mix and match all of them together.”

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