Images by Jeff Sampson Photography

“It doesn’t matter what you point at… there is a story that I know exactly where I was when I bought it,” Steve Bormes said as he gave a tour of his gallery, Rug & Relic, in Sioux Falls. 

 All the items have been used, whether it is an antique hair dryer or amp, or carts or rugs from different villages across the world.

It was when Bormes teamed up with Ted Heeren, owner of Fresh Produce, to brainstorm a unique marketing plan for his business that the ideas began to flow about these stories. 

 “The conversation sort of took this other turn, and it got us to think of something else, and then this idea popped,” recalled Heeren.

 “We thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there was this phone booth out in the middle of nowhere and just see what happens? What if we could record these stories,” Bormes said.

 The ‘what ifs’ kept flying, and the duo immediately took action.

 “By the end of the meeting [Steve] was already on the phone trying to line up a phone booth because he was so excited,” Heeren chuckled. 

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