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            Back by popular demand, a fresh batch of four girls and four guys put the fate of their dating life in the hands of readers by posting profiles on 

            Voting came to an end on Dec. 29, but that isn’t where it stopped. Contestant Mike Jacobs informed us via text message that he had started “seeing someone.” Though he was still up for going on a date, we thought it best to put up another vote on Facebook between two more male specimens.

            Dates commenced mid-January with a variety of results. Who kissed? Who hasn’t spoken since? Who might still be dating? Flip the page to see!

Travis + Kelly

Club David

            It was 7:50 p.m. when Travis Haarsma arrived at Club David for his 8 o’clock date. Hands in his pockets, he seemed a bit timid. It didn’t help that the atmosphere was pretty empty, which can be typical as most people show up later in the evening. The main floor had just opened to the public for Battle for the Arts, an event where two artists compete in a timed competition where they are armed only with a canvas and a marker.

            Kelly Horner came confidently walking in, going right up with her hand out for an introduction.

            “I just went into it with a positive attitude and just wanting to have a good time,” Horner said.

            The two had several choices for their date locale: Club David had set up two sweetheart tables with candy hearts and a mini canvas if they felt the urge to draw as well.

            Initially they seated right up to the bar. Horner said they touched on normal first-date conversation about Haarsma’s work at Haarsma Construction and her job as a fitness specialist at Avera McKennan Fitness Center.

            “We just got to know each other and asked the general questions and drank,” she said.

            The two definitely enjoyed complimentary drinks and ended up going over their $40 bar tab. Haarsma noted Horner definitely kept up with him in the drinking department. 

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