Images by AC Ellis

Wedding Dresses provided by The French Door

Hair & Makeup by Platinum Imagination

Models: Brittney Schlaikjer, Leonia Tran, Whitney Kroger, & Rayneisha Haluszka

Location: The Old Courthouse Museum

Consultant. Stylist. Designer. Coordinator. Networker. Money manager. Negotiator. Sounding board.

The roles that come with being a wedding planner just keep piling on.

“I’m their counselor, I’m their mediator… it’s insanity,” said Leah Moller, owner and designer at Envision Wedding Studio in Sioux Falls.

Moller has had to counsel a lot since opening the studio in 2006 at its home on 5020 South Tennis Lane.

“I’ve had a bride and groom walk out arguing before,” she recalled. “We’ve had fights between moms and brides, grooms and their brides. We have to play counselor. It’s the most awkward experience ever.”

But with years under her wedding belt, Moller has acquired methods that get everyone to comprise to get the best result for her brides. That sense of calm Moller and her Envision crew creates throughout the wedding planning process has helped brides all over, including Angie Tewalt who used Envision from November 2011 to June 2011.

 “Leah brought a confidence to the planning that I couldn’t have sustained without her,” said Tewalt. “I trusted her, I liked her and I enjoyed her feedback.”

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