By Denise DePaolo

Photos by Kerry McDonald

Located on a shady, tidy street in central Sioux Falls’ VA neighborhood is the ranch-style home owned by Alana Amdahl. Although she’s lived there only ten months, her eye was on the house long before.

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“I had looked at the house across the street, but didn’t love it. I’d noticed that this one was vacant, so we walked across the street, and it was snowy and wonderful and magical. It had been on the market for about 100 days with no nibbles. ‘What’s wrong with it?’ I asked. ‘Nothing?’ I fell in love with it.”

Amdahl, who is a licensed realtor with Hegg Realtors, sold the home to herself. After two weeks of painting and renovations, she moved in, along with her roommate.


After traversing the home’s small, cheerful porch, a person entering Amdahl’s home is struck by a sense of order and extreme attention to detail. It is warm and inviting, but full of intention, attributes that aren’t surprising considering her other job as co-manager at Engage Paperie in downtown Sioux Falls.

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Several distinct themes happily intermingle in Amdahl’s home. One of which is evidenced by several framed photographs and a collection of more than two dozen vintage cameras, “I love photography. You’ll see cameras throughout the whole house. I’m not a photographer, but started collecting cameras years ago and just kept on with it.” Amdahl, who is an avid antique store and estate sale shopper, says paying less than ten dollars per camera is always the goal.

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