By Denise DePaolo

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.” – Henry Rollins

I’ve heard of New York style pizza, Chicago style, even square-cut Detroit style, but it wasn’t until a recent trip to Rapid City that I discovered “Colorado style pizza.” The specialty at Beau Jo’s Pizza, Colorado style is described as having “mountain thick” crust, but aside from that, there appear to be no rules.

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On a Tuesday, a friend and I stopped at Beau Jo’s for lunch. Since we were among the first to arrive shortly after open, we were sat immediately by a host/server whose manners could best be described as “courtly.” Like the Mason Jars our sodas arrived in, his conduct came off as more earnest than ironic. However, it did seem out of place in such a cavernous, generic-looking room – until I looked at the menu.

Whoever wrote it clearly has an intelligent sense of humor, and a way with details. For example in the section with options to build one’s own pizza, sizing is explained as so:

‘Please consider when ordering that they are more pizza than you are likely to imagine.’

On nearly every page, there are gluten-free and other allergen-conscious options, which are noted in careful detail. It’s a lot of reading, but for those with dietary restrictions, it allows everyone to better use their time than making a server run back to the kitchen to ask increasingly specific questions about menu items and substitutions.

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