By Denise DePaolo

After touring the home of Troy and Erin Giegling, one word comes to mind. “Cohesion.”

“We had a lot of intention,” said Erin of their 3,200 square feet. “When we were building the house, we were thinking about organization. Everything has a place and purpose, so that we don’t live in a world of chaos.”

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That sense of purpose begins with the color palette. The home’s exterior is black with white trim. The front door, a shocking chartreuse.

“I think it’s pretty cool when you drive up to it. All the other houses in the area are pretty traditional. So when you first drive up, you’re like, ‘What the heck is that?’” laughed Erin.

feb home12

The drama continues in room after room.

“Throughout our whole house, the theme is black and white and pops of color,” she explained. “It feels really modern and clean and a little minimalist.”

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The home’s common areas are floored in a distressed coffee-colored hardwood. The bedrooms feature plush grey carpeting.

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The first rooms that we see belong to the Gieglings’ daughters, five-year-old Gracen and three-year-old Layla. Bold stripes bring focus to the walls of Layla’s room, without overpowering the girl’s cartoonish pink and red furniture. Her pink light fixture is in the shape of a flower.

feb home6 feb home1

Across the hall in Gracen’s room, the light fixture is dozens of daisies, suspended in a spherical shape.

“We tried to do something a little quirky with all of our fixtures. For the girls, I wanted to do something super playful,” said Erin, who works on the sales team at DocuTap. “A lot of our stuff is from Zing, Ikea, or anywhere that focuses on modern.”

Gracen’s accent wall is covered in meticulously-placed black polka dots, which blend into several rows of hand-holds. Climbing these pegs is the only way to access Gracen’s soaring loft bed. Below the bed is a curtained, child-sized reading nook.

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For the full tour of this Sioux Falls home, pick up the March issue of 605 Magazine or click here.

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