By Denise DePaolo

It could be an incomparable sushi roll made only at a place by your college apartment, or the potato salad your grandma prepared for barbecues. One thing is for sure – we all have foods we long for in an irrational way. A small part of us acknowledges that the real thing can’t possibly stack up to the deliciousness that exists in our memories. For me, one of these storied foods is The Keg’s fried chicken.

An east Sioux Falls mainstay, for years it was where my family ordered from every time we were in the mood for chicken. Then, shortly after opening a second west side location, both Sioux Falls restaurants shut down. The Keg and its mythical chicken were deposited into the food-memory bank, destined to become the behemoth all other chickens would vainly attempt to overtake.

That is, until The Keg came back.

Like its fare, the return was not flashy. Aside from a few small news items marking the closure of Sneaky’s Chicken that mentioned The Keg would be the new tenant, things have been quiet. That is, everywhere but The Keg itself.

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