By Kinsey Gustafson

Wife and husband duo Melanie and Spencer Brewer have opened up a mobile eatery in Rapid City called NOSH, which has been rated one of the best food stops in town. While running a moving and organization business, the couple decided to pursue their passion of bringing quality food and creativity to the community. Melanie chats with 605 about the growing business and what’s next for NOSH.

When and how did NOSH come about?

My husband and I talked and were tired of corporate restaurants. We wanted to bring creativity to food and thought of the food truck in 2014.

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What was the appeal of a mobile eatery over a storefront?

The freedom! We have six kids and another business. Plus, brick and mortar stores need to be open more. We get to call the shots in the food truck. There were two of us running NOSH for six months and we just hired a chef for more help. We also added a few other people, so now there are six of us.

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