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Among four other headliners — the presence-driven catharsis of Cloud Cult, the all-out dance party of Later Babes, the heart-filled feminism of Caroline Smith, and the blood-vessel-breaking rock of The Kickback —  this year’s 605 Summer Classic has booked a newly installed, but equally beloved fifth featured act: beer.

Beer that makes South Dakotans proud. 605 Magazine’s annual two-day festival in downtown Sioux Falls at Cherapa Place will open Friday, June 19 with five of 10 diverse, precisely picked bands, and on Saturday, June 20 from 3 to 6 p.m., a group of nine statewide breweries will represent a golden and bubbly fifth headliner, preluding that evening’s final five musical acts.

We can say cheers to that. Now let’s meet the other four main acts.

summer classic ticket

Cloud Cult

cloud cult

Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith Stacy_Schwartz

Later Babes 

later babes

The Kickback 


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The 605 Summer Classic is June 19 and 20 at Cherapa Place in Downtown Sioux Falls. For more info, click here.

Look for profiles of 605 Summer Classic bands and breweries participating the all-South Dakota beer tasting (June 20 3-6 p.m.) on our blog

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