By Jordan Smith

The hosts of The Lavish Podcast are believers that getting organized has a positive impact on your life, and they want to make spring cleaning a good place to start clearing the clutter. Getting an early start on their spring cleaning, episode 10 of The Lavish Podcast (released earlier this year) is titled “Get organized!”

Hosts Karissa Eifert and Kara White Monroe are interior designers in Rapid City. Karissa is the owner and principal designer at Epiphanie Interiors, a full service design firm. Kara is the owner and principal at Kara White Interiors and also works through Dakota Business Center as a commercial interior designer.

TLP was born out of Kara and Karissa’s desire to help people create more beauty and joy in their spaces and in their lives. They believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and creating a lavish life includes how we live each day.

“It’s not enough to inhabit a perfect space if you cannot savor and enjoy it,” said Karissa.

The idea began when the two worked together 10 years ago. At that time, they would joke about needing a reality TV show so people could see every aspect of what goes into creating thoughtful, well-designed spaces. In 2015, after catching up over cocktails, the designers decided a podcast would be a great way to achieve that same goal, and jumped right into creating TLP. The podcast encompasses more than just design. They want to inspire people to put quality over quantity in all areas of their lives, and to focus on surrounding themselves with things they love.

Episode topics are chosen in a variety of ways. Some answer common questions, some share information on subjects Kara and Karissa are interested in, and others feature interviews with people who inspire them, but all are to share a joy for creating a lavish life.

One of these subjects may be dreaded by many – spring cleaning. Karissa and Kara say spring is the perfect time to release the clutter, as we shake off the winter blues. Although the process may seem overwhelming, by breaking it down and looking at what needs to be done, the hosts suggest taking small steps. Rather than starting with a certain room, start with a category that’s easy, such as clothing. Those who feel overwhelmed should enlist the help of a friend or even hire a professional organizer who can offer a subjective opinion and some encouragement along the way.


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