By Leah Vanden Bosch

Images by Wes Eisenhauer Photography

Many of us are dependent on a flavorful, satisfying cup of coffee to start our day, but not all realize that a lot of work goes into the morning ritual. Corey Gerlach and Wes Eisenhauer have a passion for good coffee, and the resources to execute a successful business to produce it, starting The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company.

“We’re putting out a very high quality product with responsibly sourced beans that are meticulously cared for and served. We’re really a quality over quantity driven business,” explained Eisenhauer. “We want to put out a fantastic product, and we want you to be excited every time you drink it.”

Both members of Sioux Falls-based bands Soulcrate and Later Babes, Gerlach and Eisenhauer knew they would work well together from their success in making music for over a decade. With similar passions for coffee and creating a quality product, they trusted the flawless timing in the endeavor and purchased a building that would house their coffee roasting company, along with a handful of other businesses.

“It seemed like a logical direction to go,” described Gerlach. “I’ve been roasting coffee for a long time. This building gave us a space to do it on our own.”
While the The Breaks provides the aromatic, welcoming scent of coffee and an endless source of energy throughout the day, the building purchased also houses Wes Eisenhauer photography, Passenger Productions film company, a rehearsal space for Soulcrate and Later Babes, as well as Eisenhower’s brother Dan’s photography space.

“The creative juices are constantly floating here,” said Gerlach. “That’s the beauty of this place. Things are always happening here, people are constantly hustling and creating. That’s what I want to be surrounded by.”

Both Gerlach and Eisenhauer used their background in music to educate themselves on how to open a business, buying the building in October 2015. A short five months later, they put the finishing touches on renovations and are well into coffee roasting.


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