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Rebecca Swift has had a love for makeup ever since she was a little girl. This love has now become her career. When she isn’t doing bridal and prom makeup, she maintains the social media accounts for “Carter & June,” a film project she did makeup for last summer in New Orleans. She is also working on completing a 100 Day Makeup Challenge, which she is chronicling on social media. She does her makeup to look like celebrities, Disney characters, and other familiar faces.


When did you become interested in makeup?

Rebecca Swift: My mom said I used to sneak her lipstick when I was four and apply it better than most adults she knew. And I was always huge into painting and coloring. When I was a munchkin I would grab a coloring book, flip open the first page, fill the lips in red, turn the page, fill in the lips, and so on. It was a pretty good indication I would eventually paint faces for a living.

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Where did the idea of doing your makeup to look like celebrities come from?

RS: I took on the 100 Day Makeup Challenge for fun when I got back from filming in New Orleans. I actually ran out of wigs and happened to be a brunette, so I could easily slick back my hair and focus on facial structure and shadows I saw on faces rather than more theatrical makeup.


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